Thursday, 31 May 2012

Machina Gadgets and their place in the meta

Machina Gadgets are an older deck that recently became popular again. With the ability to gain +1s every turn and the power of Machina Fortress it is no surprise that they have become powerful in the meta again.

I'm sure most of you reading this should know the basic concept of the Gadget and Machina Gearframe engine. However with the release of a card called GearGiganto X in Return of the Duelist the seemingly weak Gadget suddenly became a dangerous threat.

Come at me bro.

Requirements: 2 level 4 machine type monsters

Once per turn detach one material and add 1 level 4 or lower machine type monster from your deck or graveyard to your hand. When this card leaves the field you can special summon 1 level 3 or lower Geargia monster from your graveyard.

Now leaving a Gadget on the field is an extremely dangerous threat if their search was successful. The reasoning behind this is the massive advantage that this card can create. Simple combos in promo formats that allow first turn GearGiganto X and searching for Gearframe turn 1 are incredibly strong opening plays and in non-promo formats just summoning the second gadget next turn leads to an instant +2 as well if GearGiganto X can use his effect properly. 

Now of course some people might say why is this a problem? I mean Inzektors can do the same thing and can otk much easier so why should we worry about Machina Gadgets?

Well lets take a look at the main search target for GearGiganto X then.

MotherF****** Orange Boy

When this card is normal summoned add one Machina monster to your hand from your deck.
Once per turn you can equip this card to a machine type monster or special summon it from the spell and trap zone.

This card poses a major threat to Inzektors the most popular deck in the meta right now. A searchable 1800 atk stratos monster which searches for the boss monster of your deck Machina Fortress. It also can help protect your other monsters by equiping itself to it as well.

This card tears through Inzektors because of its 1800 atk. A veilered Centipede or Damsel becomes food to this card and even after you get rid of it the fact remains that unless you veilered it they still have a fortress in hand. The fact that it is searchable now thanks to GearGiganto X makes the deck so much better now as well.

Of course we have to look as well at the other thing this deck is known well for its heavy backrow.
It is nothing special I mean look at Rabbit Ragia running their backrow however what is special is the cards that this deck can use. A card that has become popular lately in Machina Gadgets do the meta is a very old card. 

An offering for your dead monster.

Destroy one monster and skip your next draw phase.

Offerings to the Doomed is something that Machina can use very effectively in our current meta. This is because this card is spot removal. What I mean by this is a card that removes another card from the field on the spot. I consider cards like this to be extremely powerful in this format due to inzektors. However while most decks run Raigeki Break and Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Machina Gadgets have the ability to use this option. 

Machina simply do not care about the cost for using this card because next turn they'll summon their Gadget or Gearframe and possibly make a Geargiganto X to gain back what they lost when they used this card anyway. Also unlike Raigeki Break you don't lose any cards for this and can stack the effect of multiple copies of this like Reckless Greed.

As a result of these current buffs to Machina Gadgets their Inzektor matchup has improved somewhat and their ability to control has improved drastically in my opinion. As for the Hieratic matchup in Asia format .... well if you see one fortress on the field and you don't have a Ninjitsu art of Super Transformation ready good luck.

The deck has its bad matchups too though. Rabbit Ragia is annoying to fight mainly for the fact that all their dinosaurs are bigger than whatever you have and that their backrow is really really annoying sometimes.

So as for a comprehensive list on Good vs Bad Matchups

Good Matchups
Hanzo Hieratic (Atums? Gaia Dragoon? no Hanzo? Fortress says hi)
Six Samurai (Fortress vs Shien)
Dragons (Pulsar vs Fortress is awesome)
Inzektors (sometimes ....)

Bad Matchups
Dark World (The legion of Grapha vs 3 Fortress)
Rabbit Ragia (Laggia <_<)
Hero Beat (For once in my life I hate Alius)

So in conclusion Machina Gadgets has taken its place in the meta thanks to Geargiganto X and the options that it allows. Also heavy backrow is always a pain to deal with in any format.

Thanks for reading!!!

Now to study for a test. Q.Q


  1. Machina Fortress: ATTACK!
    *Opponent flips up Compulsory Evacuation Device*

    Good post. Especially the Orange Boy part and Offering is very good in Machina Gadgets indeed.