Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tournament Report - 12th May 2012

Deck used: Offer everywhere, all them Nuts and Boltz

Format: 4 Round Swiss, cut to Top 8

1st Round: Nicolas(Did I get your name spelled right?) - Pure Hieroglyph OO

1st game: Open with Gearframe, Dark Hole, Heavy Storm, Limiter Remover, Machina Fortress and 1 random card that I totally can't remember. OTK him after he went and Set 1 card lol.

2nd game: Because I didn't get to see anything, I dicided to Side in Generic Stuff like Gorz and whatnot. Once I knew he was running Hieroglyphs, I made a Cockroach and stalled while hitting him with small attacks until he reached 2700. Unfortunately, he Dualitied Gorz from 1st turn, so I couldn't push so much, and had to wait till I amassed 2 Gadgts and 1 Gearframe over 3 turns and made Orouborus lol. To add insult to Injury, I sent his Gorz from hand to GY via Oro effect. Lol.

2nd Round: Xiao Mei - Mirror XOO

1st game: She farmed more than me, and Maestroke lived too long to be helpful to my health. Topdeck Gearframe sealed the deal for her.

2nd game: I poke and poke and poke until her life reached 0.

3rd game: It went back and forth, but a timely Pot of Avarice is super sacky and let me win.

Anyway, note to her: Thanks for not using the gameloss even though I was late.

3rd Round: Malaysian Champion "Sam" - Pedophile Inzektors OO

1st game: Gadget farm + backrow control = game.

2nd game: He Summoned Raioh, I baited the Negation with a Fortress, then Summoned it again with Cannon and proceeded to beat him down with it backed by Shadow Mirror. Vehicular Homicide is awesome.

4th Round: Akira - ?????

1st + 2nd game: Wasn't there since I had to meet someone to buy a phone for a pretty cheap price.

Top 8: Samuel - SackShinyShiny (Sorry, but it's sack when you mill Wulf during 1st turn in all 3 games) OXX

1st game: I was down for a while, but Offering + a pretty amusing hand let me make Giganto X + Number 39 + Inverz Roach + Scrap Dragon backed by a Veiler in hand. His big hand couldn't make a comeback even with Multiple Boss monsters.

2nd game: I got destroyed by the power of the Light. Seriously. JD shouldn't be at 3 @.@

3rd game: The most B.S. duel ever. I didn't see a single Gadget or Gearframe until like the 2-3rd last turn of the duel. A hastily made Stardust died to my own Fortress Reborn'd. Lol. Then Soul Savior Drag- Sorry wrong game. Anyway, the power of the Light compels me to lose to the Shiny Shiny.

Bottom 4: Shared since I can't be arsed to fight for what's pretty much close to each other in value.

Got a Common Chaos Soldier. Anyone wants one? Willing to let go for $12 lol.

I guess it's Karma for Multiple Vehicular Homicide.

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