Saturday, 5 May 2012

Tournament Report 5 May 2012 (so close)

Came to the tournament after watching the epic avengers movie iron man was a boss as usual and the black widow didn't do too much as I expected. Anyways on to the tournament report.

Deck used: Arrive Hero (Boosted by the power of the avengers!!!!)

Round 1: vs Mog (Inzektors) won dice roll

Game 1: Open future fusion, phoenix wing wind blast, compulsory, mst, stratos, and a e-call/rota
i set the traps and activated future fusion dumping zephyros and alius thinking i had the game mostly won when I saw 3 mst appear clear my backrow and inzektor shenanigans.

Game 2: Open with stratos and traps search alius with the stratos and beat him down a bit with them before otking him a turn or two later.

Game 3: My hand wasn't that good and he had a decent hand I tried to stall as long as I could but eventually I fell to a swarm of bugs.

current result: 0-1

Round 2: vs Juni (Old School Skill Drain Hero Beat) I forgot the dice roll sorry

Game 1: I pot for heavy storm and proceed to otk him with the standard arrive hero shenanigans the following turn. (nothing special here)

Game 2: I go for the otk but a unexpected super polymerization from him gave him a shining which he used to beat me down over a few turns.

Game 3: In Juni's words "I draw shit" GG.

I had a wonderful game against my good friend Juni who is finally returning to yugioh after a long hiatus a bit funny he had to fight me and our other friend Vishal in the first 2 rounds though lol.

current result: 1-1

Round 3: vs Ting Jun (Geargia Karakuri) won the dice roll I believe

Game 1: Opened with future fusion and a hero lives and otked him with the usual combos.

Game 2: Had a subpar hand and tried to stall with bubbleman and traps thinking I could survive for that turn and kill him the next but an unexpected heavy storm and Haipa beatdown spelled my defeat.

Game 3: Heavy storm plus the usual otk.

current result: 2-1

Round 4: Sam the eternal Malaysian champion aka I'm so fucked (hieratics) I think I won this dice roll

Game 1: He opened subpar and died to the usual stuff without much resistance.

Game 2: I made shock ruler to try and stop the monster effects of his dragons but died to bls.

Game 3: Opened subpar and tried to stall with backrow but he cleared it with mst and break and proceeded to make me taste a swarm of dragons.

Final Result: 2-2

So I scrubbed today even after watching the avengers movie with heroes. Having shamed iron man and his sidekicks I proceeded to drown my sorrows in expensive food with friends. Unexpectedly Sams got 9th place and could not top 8. 

I'll upload videos when I can.

Thanks for reading!!!!

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