Friday, 18 January 2013

Asia Championship 2013 is almost here.

A bit early for this post I know but I'm quite excited for the event and since the OCG isn't receiving any new boosters we can expect that the current card pool is what will be allowed for Asia. Unlike last years meta which was a toss up between Inzektors and the surprise renegade Hanzo Hieratics this years meta is divided into two very simple categories.

The two categories are:

Verz and Not Verz

With Verz being the current dominant force in Singapore its either play Verz or play something that can beat Verz if you wish to win this years Asia Plus. However even though Verz is a dominant force and should make up a majority of the entrants in this years Asia you should also take note that there might not be as many Verz as there were Inzektors last year. The reasoning behind this is that Verz is expensive and the recent addition to the deck (Cercyon) is hard to find and expensive which will discourage people to play the deck.

If you have Verz good for you make a good build and practice and you should go far.

However if you're not playing Verz but haven't decided on a deck yet there are numerous options from you to decide from.

Here is a list on what you should bring if you're not playing Verz.

Hero Beat (Arrive/Normal)
Agent Angel (a bit crazy but a player named Ryo has been topping in japan with the deck using a variation that main decks 3 Forbidden Lance)
Mermail (because Genex Undine is a one card answer to Opheon)
Offering Gadgets (Exceed spam works well against Opheon)
Wind-Ups (Same reason as Offering Gadgets if it isn't hit by the ban list)
Ninja Chaos (Because Exceeds can kill the Opheon again)
Sacred (Pleaides and Omega are both excellent cards to use against the Verz)
Fire Fist (Easy destruction of Opheon and the ability to gain advantage quickly (my personal belief for the second place majority in Asia)

Of course there are other options that will prove effective (Skill Drain Beat, Gravekeeper, Infernity, etc.) however the following list is what I feel are the most effective options if you really want to stand a chance at winning the tournament or at the very least placing high.

While everything in this list is quite standard and can be easily prepared for there is one thing as of now that is a bit sketchy and thats Fire Fist. Since many people are still experimenting with new builds with the release of the cards from VE08 there is no standardized decklist for Fire Fist but there will surely be one by the time Asia comes around.

Expect more follow up posts as Asia nears.

Also Sacred testing is going well but I need more experience before I can say anything.

Thanks for reading! :D :D

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The obligatory late tournament report that no one cares about but im writing because im slightly drunk and have nothing better to do.

So I went for a free ranking tournament on the 12th because I want seeding points and because I didn't feel like paying 8 dollars for prizes I wasn't interested for at locals.

Woke up early that day so that I could make it on time and still nearly made it late because I was too lazy to get off my bed since it was so soft. Luckily the fact that I was too lazy to cook lunch for people motivated me enough to make me flee my home and head for the card shop.

16 people entered from what I remember and it was a Single Elimination tournament

Deck Played:Sacreds

Round 1 vs Avenging Knight aka Vishal aka Mr. BlackFeather4Life (surprisingly playing chaos dragon)

Game 1: Pleadies too OP bouncing set Rykos all day long. No milling = dragons dying in fire.

Game 2: Never summoned Pleaides thus no OP bouncing shit thus I die in fire.

Game 3: I summoned Pleadies = I win :D

Round 2 vs JunCai (Offering Gadgets)

Game 1: Sacred Omega = fuck you traps and recyling (save the environment :D) with M7 and summoning more big monsters is fun.

Game 2: A case of dejavu however this time he had a torrential and I couldn't summon my Omega and died ;_; ;_; ;_;

Game 3: I remember winning by sacking (like I always do :P) an MST which let me attack with Rai-Oh and M7 for the win.

Round 3 vs Mango aka Mr guy who kicks my ass with troll decks aka The person I don't ever want to play against ;_; (Playing a not troll deck in Wind-Ups (which is the biggest troll of all).

Game 1: Activate 2 Wind-Up factories and summon Shark. While I sat there with my jaw dropped he plussed two. I tried to fight back with a lone Pleadies but i was a genius and forgot that Wind-Up Warrior existed and died :D

Game 2: He set a lot of cards on his first turn. I used Heavy Storm on him and got + 2. Then I smashed him with random monsters while he was busy distracted with other stuff and we moved on to game 3.

Game 3: Heavy Storm again :D and Gozen Match put in work too :D

Round 4 vs WeeMin aka Mr Taxi (Fire Fist with Gene Warped Werewolf because Taxi Drivers don't get paid enough to afford Vorse Raider)

Game 1: I summon Pleaides and set Safe Zone and some other random card and ended my turn. He summoned Bear which he searched using Tenki and tried to destroy my Pleaides. I think you can guess the out come :D.

Game 2: I opened 2 Tenki and a Fire Fist Bear and couldn't do shit <_< also my mst skills failed and I hit the wrong card.


So I got second place woohoo \O/

Seeding Points for Asia \O/

Also saw Bixuan Mermail kicking ass on the same day \O/

Also saw Colin having one of the most entertaining games in a while because the banter was so good.

More posts in the future coming if I'm not too lazy :D.

Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year! Also Sacreds are full of win.

Happy New Year from Singapore! I hope your 2012 has been fruitful and that you have a wonderful exciting new year.

I haven't been blogging much due to what I feel has been a stagnant period in the game with nothing interesting I feel like talking about. However recently thanks to a certain someone I fell in love with Sacreds.

I always had an interest in the archetype able to summon amazing boss monsters, multiple copies of their version of stratos, and being an aggressive deck. Only recently though have I decided to pick them up thanks to the added power Sacred Sombres gives to the theme.

Of course I probaly should be playing Verz since its Opheon is amazing and i heard searching for Forbidden Lance is good, but I despise Opheon with a passion since it annihilates my Agents and Heroes.

Of course there is another reason in which I have picked up Sacreds is that it has a good matchup against Wind-Ups and Heroes while being less prepared for than Verz. Since there are few Sacred running around it means there will be less cards in the side deck for them which I hope will increase my chances of winning.

Now lets take a look at my version of Sacreds.

The "Sacred" Putra

I have been liking a version that runs both Decree and Safe Zone in the main deck. While it has little defense in its trap line up it makes up for that with the three copies of Veiler. The main problem with the Sacred deck is that its easy to stop the monsters with a simple Bottomless or Warning. With two Decree and 3 Safe Zone its hard to remove a Sacred Pleaides on the field using Spell or Traps. 

Another reason I'm playing this way is that the format is slowly shifting into a grinding one where games can go on for much longer periods of time and there is less monster spam. This gives me time to set up and once I set up a Pleaides backed with Decree or Safe Zone its hard to lose by then.

The plays are nothing too complicated farm with Sheratan or Tenki and drop big boss monsters using Sacred Pollux and/or Sacred Gredi along with Sacred Kaust and when those bosses die summon more using Sacred Sombres.

Other than that theirs the random Fire Fist in the deck which you use to clear annoying monsters from the field when you have a useless Tenki sitting there.

Thanks for reading!!!

#FuckVerz  (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ

Saturday, 24 November 2012

11-17-2012 tournament report (I'm back)

Went down only to pass cards to friends but ended up playing in the tournament because I was too lazy to go home straight away.

Deck Used: Putra Agents

Round 1: vs Dark World

Game 1: I saw Card Destruction and Morphing Jar and still didn't die lol. He expended all his resources trying to kill me and failed so when I finally got my Hyperion I just simply beat him down over a few turns with it.

Game 2: Opponent sets 4 ends turn. I throw Heavy Storm at him. Proceed to win.

Current Record 1-0


Round 2 vs Skill Drain Macro Beat

Game 1: Attempted to rush him however I got stopped by his traps and died to Skill Drain, Macro, and etc.

Game 2: I opened all the backrow hate I sided (Trap Stuns and Night Beams) and no monsters. After much stalling with traps I proceeded to lose since I couldn't beat Macro and the Minuses from Sacred Omega.

Current Record 1-1


Round 3 vs Prophecy

Game 1: The game went back and forward for a while with neither of us getting what we needed and ended with an exchange of boss monsters. Sadly Priestess is Inferior to Master Hyperion. :D

Game 2: I open Rai-oh he has 3 Batel lol.

Current Record 2-1


Round 4 vs Wind-Ups

Game 1: I see Hand Loops and proceed to lose ;_;

Game 2: Rai-Oh + Venus + Gachi is too strong beating through everything

Game 3: He didn't have anything and Stalled with Traps while I attempted to beat him down. He later made a Zenmaines to buy time and I used a Cyber Dragon to make a Chimeratech with it and win the game. We later learned that you can't contact fusion with a Dimensional Fissure on the field. Whoops.

Current Record 3-1


Round 5 vs Mermail (Sazabi)

Game 1: Losing terribly and stalling with Gachi and Zenmaines to buy time. I topdeck a Hyperion and a Kristya the following turn which I summon by tributing the Gachi and Zenmaines and proceed to win by smashing with both of them.

Game 2: Where I mill a lot of shit with Card Trooper, Reborn Kristya, and go for game.

Current Record 4-1


Round 6 vs Rong Jie (I don't know what you played)

Game 1: He rolled a 7 with his two dice and I rolled a 4. I promptly surrendered to his superior dice rolling skills.

Current Record 4-2

Final Result 2nd place

Tournament ends at 10pm dice rolls for top 4 lol.

Oh well at least I got a Geargiganto X out of it.

Things are looking up in my life :D

Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Life, Card Games, and the Future

When I first started this blog a few months ago it was for the simple reason that I was bored one night and thought it was a good way to help me pass the time. Through my experience playing this card game I have made many friends which have helped me move through tough times even if they don't know about it.

By just being there and hanging out with me joking around and having fun they have kept me playing this game and keep moving forward in life and I would like to thank you all sincerely.

To Keith and Sherwyn who in their eagerness to win the Asia Plus kept me motivated even when shit happened to me during Asia Plus.

To Team Insane Tech who have talked and joked with me and helped me maintain confidence at some of my lowest points.

To Johann who has made me laugh when we troll on Dnet at night.

To Terence who got me back into this game and let me meet all these wonderful people.

To Rei who gave me lots of advice about this game and helped me start getting the cards I needed for this game slowly.

To Vishal who I have spent much time talking too this past year and had fun playing yugioh with and just hanging out together sometimes.

To David who helped me improve my game and a great friend to me for so long.

To all the people I've met at Yew Tee these past few months and helping me enjoy myself after a bad day.

To Stark, Elton, and Yew Loong who have been wonderful friends ever since the day I've met them.

To Team Aequus who have made me truly laugh even in bad times.

To Dueling Days and friends who I have learned so much about this game from and who have never failed to put a smile on my face with their antics.

To Bixuan who I learned so much playing agents from.

To Kenneth Tan and Aim, while I don't talk to you that often it was always fun having a conversation with you.

To any other people I have forgetten to mention thank you for everything.

Today I got some of the worse news of my life. I don't know if I want to play this game anymore after hearing it. If so to all of you who have helped me out these past few months, who have laughed with me and gave me so many wonderful moments these past few years I give my sincerest thanks.

Thank you so much for everything.

Without you all I'm not sure if I would even be here today.

So thank you so much.

P.S. To Shaun of Team Aequus I hope everything goes well with you.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

top shop tourney report 11/11/2012

I didn't bring my extra deck today like a genius :D

So I borrowed some good stuff from friends

Deck Played: Putra Agents (With half of an extra) aka: Stall until you can YOLO Agents

Round 1: vs Hero Beat

Game 1: Both of us slowly used up resources and I was going to win the game but I realized I didn't have an Armory Arm and lost to him because I couldn't kill his Shining lol.

Game 2: I opened Venus + Gachi and sat on it using my backrow to slowly smash through whatever he summoned and won the game from there.

Game 3: I just smashed through him with a flurry of boss monsters and he died a terrible death :D

Round 2: vs Maldoche (Team Insane Tech's Weemin)

Game 1: I gained some advantage from a Torrential and slowly won from there forcing my way through his backrow.

Game 2:I summoned one Rai-Oh. He couldn't kill it. I won the game :D

Round 3: vs Offering Machina Gadget (Wen Liang)

Game 1: he had a Gearframe but no gadgets and I had Hyperion + Kristya but no agents so we sat on backrow and some weak monsters for a while. I got my agent first though and smashed him with Hyperion :D

Game 2: I gained some advantage by controlling with Rai-Oh but he destroyed and then reborned it to use against me. I set a Sangan and a Dimensional Prison which the Rai-Oh ran into later. Eventually the Sangan died and I used it to search Card Trooper which milled just the right amount of agents I needed and I proceeded to drop Hyperion + Kristya on his face to end the game.

Round 4: vs Keith Mail (of Team Putra)

Game 1: Forget what happened in this game but I remember losing to Moulin Glace ;_;

Game 2: I had a Venus + Gachi on the field which he didn't clear. As he set one card only I assumed it was AbyssSphere and payed 500 to summon another Shine Ball which I tributed along with Venus for Kristya and attacked. My Kristya was promptly banished by a prison ;_; I however managed to stall long enough with the Gachi that I was able to kill him later with Hyperion and Catastor.

Game 3: I was in a really really bad spot, however I had a Gantetsu on the field that was protecting me from defeat. He let me gain advantage from Maxx C though and on my turn I drew a Kristya with exactly 4 fairies in my grave (LOL) and just beat him down with Venus and Kristya from there.

Some conspiracy happened

and Keith got the top shop spot :D

along with Sherwyn as well :D

and I got my spot from a store at Ang Mo Kio as well :D

So all in all a successful day for me and my agents.

P.S. I later learned that my deck only had one Card Trooper in it, forgot to put the other one in lol.

Thanks for reading!!!