Friday, 18 May 2012

VS inzektors game theory

Its 415am in the morning as I'm typing this out but I can't sleep so I thought to myself about what I've been doing on DN recently and decided to type this up.

 Its quite obvious that inzektors are the most popular deck in our current OCG meta for worlds and perhaps even locals. Their ability to gain advantage using hornet, perform easy otks with gigamantis (and zektkaliber), and their versatility make them a powerhouse to be reckoned with. This whole meta has been affected by inzektors and many cards main decked in previous formats are now not run because of inzektors. A good example of this would be bottomless trap hole. However because of inzektors other cards have become increasingly popular as well. Demon Chain had a brief surge in popularity for a while only to be replaced with raigeki break and/or phoenix wing wind blast. 

Now back on topic lets take a look at what makes an inzektor deck win

1) Resolving the effect of an inzektor

That is all it needs.

Lets compare this to another deck such as for example machina gadgets

1) resolving the gadget/machina gearframe eff
2) defending or pressuring the opponent with heavy backrow to get beatdown
3) a stream of advantage from gadgets and machina

As you can see with other decks you normally have to worry about multiple things such as the backrow, maintaining advantage, etc. However with inzektors it doesn't matter if you are down 4 cards from your opponent or what their backrow is. All it takes is for them to be able to summon one damsel and use its effect properly and you will lose normally 3100 life minimum if you have no monsters to defend you.

This also means that this is all inzektors can do to win.

Unlike many other decks where even if you fail at the main strategy you have a back up option for victory besides the main cards inzektors do not. Laval has the cannon, verz rabbit has thunderbird, heroes have miracle if their exceeds fail, etc. If the inzektor engine dies so does the deck.

The main point of this is to show that all you need to do to win against inzektors is never let them resolve the effect properly. 

So there are the obvious cards for this such as effect veiler or shadow imprisoning mirror and destroying the inzektor with a solemn warning, torrential tribute, or raigeki break is always another option.

However what do you do if you can't stop the inzektor from using its effect?

There is not much you can do about this so I'll give a list on what options you have

1) If you know you can't stop it don't over commit to the field and give them more targets
2) Have some back ups ready in hand for them just incase
3) Pray they can't otk you this turn

Not much right? Well normally thats the best you can hope for.

In conclusion the main point of me typing this wall of pointless text is to teach one lesson. Everything inzektor players do in some way or form is to aid them in performing the eff of their inzektor safely. They will summon cards to bait you and waste your resources so that they can summon damsel and use its effect successfully. So try to not waste your resources too early and remember that the only true threat in their deck are the inzektors and possibly BLS/DAD. Hopefully you can grind them down and win the game.

Thanks for reading!!

Bugs should burn in a fire.

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