Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Card Trooper vs Card Car D in inzektors

I've noticed that some inzektor players are now going back to the good old Card Trooper instead of using Card Car D in their inzektors. While Noobie still prefers Card Car D (reason which I completely forget) I for some reason have been liking Card Trooper better in inzektor decks. Now granted I don't play inzektors but it still interests me what cards they play because as they say knowing your opponent is half the battle.

Ok ignoring the badly photoshopped picture lets look at the advantages and disadvantages of card trooper vs Card Car D

Card Trooper

1) Its effect is reusable.
2) Just try and use Effect Veiler on me.
3) It can become 1900 attack.
4) When it is destroyed you draw 1 free card.
5) Mills 3 so you have a better chance of getting Hornet/Gullho in the graveyard.


1) You will mill away your spells and traps.
2) When you see Macro Cosmos in front of you.....
3) Nobody uses Effect Veiler on me (thus they will only use veiler on my scumbag bugs).

Card Car D

1) Its lets you +1.
2) It actually baits Effect Veiler.
3) You won't mill your spells, traps, and handtraps with this card.
4) Works under Macro Cosmos.


1) Its effect is unreusable unlike Card Trooper's.
2) He can't run over anything.
3) Once he gets hit with an Effect Veiler he's a sitting duck.
4) Can't be special summoned unlike Card Trooper.

So as you can see from the list above both Card Trooper and Card Car D both have their advantages and disadvantages. Their really isn't anything wrong with either option I feel so playtest to your preference. Personally I prefer Card Trooper because I can never draw Hornet with Card Car D when I do play inzektors on DN. 

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