Tuesday, 15 May 2012

WCQ decks and how to prepare

WCQ in Singapore is as usual held in the Asia format aka no promos no dt cards etc. This automatically removes some of the threats seen at weekly locals such as verz rabbit and laval. However this provides room for other decks to take their place. Six Samurai will still be a valid contender in this format as gateway and shien lockdown is still as annoying as ever. Gravekeepers could appear as well because of the sackiness that is royal tribute. Another deck that will also prove a threat in the competition is Machina Gadgets which thanks to the power of geargiganto X has become a advantage engine that can rival inzektors. Even without tinplate goldfish to help the deck still runs fine and fortress is still as strong as ever so don't disregard gadgets. There will most likely be an army of inzektors at asia unless people have all decided to jump on the hanzo hieroglyph bandwagon after asia (but I doubt it) and Rabbit Ragia still poses a valid threat with first turn rabbit. In conclusion, with this diverse format and the threat of inzektors running amok this WCQ looks to be full of variety and it is hard to tell which deck will win. My personal bet is inzektors due to how many people will be playing them but you never know if some random Six Samurai will win it all like WSlasher always does in the phillipines.

So how do you prepare for the WCQ in 1 months time? Lets say you haven't decided what deck you want to use in the WCQ lets make a list to help you decide what deck you want to play.

1) What choices do I have available to me

This refers to what deck you can make in the month or so until the WCQ. If you don't have the finanaces or friends to buy or borrow Hanzo for a Hanzo Hieroglyph deck than don't even think about it. You should stick to choices that you already have available so that you do not have to rush to complete the deck and enter the tournament with having little to no practice with it.

2) Do I know how to use the deck well?

Lets say you can make the deck easily do you know how to use it well? I'm not talking about knowing all the basic combos and plays of the deck I'm talking about the little important things like the rulings of how certain cards in the deck react to other cards or all the little tricks the deck has. For example a few people asked me when I played my arrive hero deck why I didn't use a second hero arrive to combo more when my field was full of monsters. Apparently they didn't know you can only use a hero arrives when you control no monsters. So If you want to use a new deck make sure its something you have enough time to practice with it so that you gain a good understanding of its mechanics, combos, and strategy.

3) Are you comfortable with the deck?

This in my opinion is a big factor in choosing what deck to play. You can't play a deck well if you are on some level not comfortable with it. Sure you can be competent but to reach that next level you have to be comfortable with the deck and how it plays. A good example of this is myself. I had an inzektor deck and I sold away the foils of it because I frankly didn't feel comfortable playing the deck. The way the deck played did not appeal to me and even while I got top 8 with it at locals once or twice it just never felt right. So what I suggest is follow your heart and pick the deck you like the most for this tournament. Now I'm not saying for a very competitive player who loves neo spacians to play them what I'm saying is that pick something you like and can enjoy playing with over and over again for the tournament because with all the practice and rounds you will have to go through at the WCQ It will not feel good to play something you do not like.

As for what I want to play I have a few options that I'm considering but haven't finalized anything yet. The qualifier tournaments are good for testing your deck for the main event itself on the 23rd so be sure to attend at least 1 or 2 to test your final build of your deck. If you have time to meet up with friends go do so as regular practice is important if not maybe try to play with your friends on dueling network or another online yugioh program.

Lastly, for the night before the main event itself make sure you get a good night sleep and get a good breakfast in the morning so you have the energy to do well. Bring a large water bottle with you and some snacks because you might not have time to go buy food in between rounds.

Good luck to all of you who are planning to play for the World Championship Qualifiers!!!!

My goal is to at least win a few rounds.

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