Monday, 21 May 2012

Cards being used for different purposes.

When you look at a card that has potential, what do you see?

When you look at a sub-par card, do you just toss it into the jank pile?

Is there no way to make other uses or uses for a card?

I do not believe so.

For example, let's take a card that we all know very well.

Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit.

We all know that he is a combo maker with Hieratic/Hieroglyphs and is the stepping stone for OTKs for the deck itself.

However, not many people realize that he is a good Tribute Engine by itself too.

Being a monster with a Cyber Dragon-like effect, he can be Special Summoned to Tribute for a Tribute Summon without any set-up the previous turn.

It is searchable because of it's Search Spell, or it's archetype E-Call.

When It's Tributed, it gives you a free monster, which is key for a Exceed/XYZ Summon.

And we all know that there are several good Tribute Monsters in this game.

First and foremost is Caius the Shadow Monarch. His effect balances out the negative advantage that you get when you Tribute Summon him. So by itself, it's a +0.

What happens when you add Tefnuit into the picture?

You would remove a problem on the field, and have 2 Level 6 monsters on the field. Which translates into the above mentioned Exceed/XYZ Summon into a Rank 6.

Rank 6s are immensly powerful. There's a Double Effect Veiler in the form of Photon Streak Bouncer, or the Advantage Generator in the form of Sacred/Constellar Messiah 7, which allows you to repeat the same play 2 turns later (if it survives) by recycing both Tefnuit AND Caius.

Not to mention that, Tefnuit and Caius are LIGHT and DARK respectively, which compliments the Chaos theme which allows you to either go for BLS/Lightpulsar/Chaos Sorcerer as a follow up play.

Another card would be Dark Resonator.

People will remember this card from the Show, where it's the Tuner of Jack's choice to make his joke of a soul Synchro. *Yes, Red Deamons Dragon sucks. =/ Whatcha gonna about it? -rolls eyes- *

It doesn't have a self-Special Summon effect, which is why many people diss it off.

However it has it's uses.

For one, it's immune to battle Destruction once per turn. This would allow it to srvive certain Situations and allow you to counterattack next turn with another monster *a.k.a. Dragonfly/Centipede/Loli-girl/etc-etc* to make a Level Synchro even if the effect gets negated by Veiler/Fiendish Chain/Soft-negation.

It's also a Loli-girl target. Which can be helpful as it allows your to bring it out and leave 2 other copies of it in your deck to increase your chances of getting another copy and making another instant Rank 3.

It's also a DARK which acts as a road to bring out Dad/Damudo and Chaos theme monsters which are incredibly powerful in their own right.

There is potential in any card, you just need to find it.

Hmmm, regarding WCQ...

Should I Hatred times 10000?

Or should I just play Flood and kill times 1000000000000000000000?

Or a mixture? Control, Spam, Control, Spam... it's hard to decide.

Anyway, I have SOME time until the next 1, around 6 days... I got time to think. Heh.

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