Friday, 11 May 2012

Tourney Report (Failing at Topping)

So today I went to play in a tourney at marymount using my usual arrive hero deck
and I topped but well the results will speak for themselves.

so as for the report

Round 1: Chris (Gravekeepers)

game 1: I just dark hole away his set spy night shot his lone backrow and otk him.

game 2: I was stalled for a while because a necrovalley preventing me from using miracle fusion
but a top draw mst followed by double miracle fusion led to my victory despite his gravekeeper visionary also stalling me for a while.


Round 2: Rubern?? (chaos dragons)

Game 1: I could not do much to stop his light pulsar and REDMD and proceeded to lose.

Game 2: My side deck won me the day this time with prison managing to remove one of his light
pulsar and everything going downhill from there for him.

Game 3: Open the "Putra" hand shock ruler is still a bitch.


Round 3: Akira (inzektors)

Game 1: I didn't open with the best hand and tried to stall him for a while with shock ruler but he veilered it and proceeded to drop dark armed and reborn inzektors.

Game 2: Control him with shadow-imprisoning mirror the entire game and just beat him down with one stratos. For some reason whenever I play against Akira's inzektors I always end up winning by using solemn judgment when he attempts to mst my shadow imprisoning mirror lol.

Game 3: I card car D for heavy storm and when he summons rai-oh on me his next turn I top draw dark hole and proceed to herp derp all over him.


Round 4: Clarence (Hieratics)

We only played one game at my suggestion because we would both go up for certain.

Game 1: attempt to make shock ruler get veilered and proceed to eat hieratic otk the following turn.

Top 8: Sherwyn (Verz Ragia)

Game 1: I grind him down until he only has 1 sabersaurus and I have one hope and proceed to just beat him down the following turns.

Game 2: I made a shock ruler and blade heart to beat him down and he could not stop me and surrendered.

Top 4: Clarence ... again (Hieratics)

Game 1: I was a bit annoyed at noobie after a phone call from him since he didn't know how to get to the store and was asking me for directions so I unleashed my rage on clarence and Otked him turn 2.

Game 2: Raging at noobie = imba hands

Top 2: I split with him because we both wanted to eat dinner.

So I got 13 packs and didn't get a single foil <_<

This is karma at work here.


  1. proceed to herp derp all over him.

    sound so wrong to a certain extend lol