Sunday, 27 May 2012

DOUBLE Tournament report for 5/26-5/27/2012

I've been sick with some throat infection thing lately and yet decided to go play card games like an idiot because i didn't want to waste my weekend cooped up at home. The medicine was making me feel dizzy which most likely was why I had so many stupid misplays this week <_<. Oh well there's always next time now on to the report.

5/26 Lorong Ah Soo Tourney 

Deck used: Arriving Putra
Round 1: vs Gavin (verz ragia) am i spelling your name right?

Game 1: I used heavy storm on him and ate a huge revolution reversal lol but I still managed to otk him with some shenanigans a little bit later.

Game 2: I opened cyclone, night shot, emergency call, reborn, a hero arrives, and miracle fusion and all he did was set two cards and summon a verz thunderbird ...... 

Current Result: 1-0

Round 2 vs Jonas (arrive hero) aka the worse mirror match ever

Game 1: I didn't draw as well as he did and stopped him from killing me with his blade heart with a few traps but a shining made me lose in the end.

Game 2: I opened two bubbleman and a stratos and he sided into control using verz thunderbird and warning he stopped my plays and beat me down.

Current Result: 1-1

Round 3: vs Daniel (3 Card Car D + 3 Alius + 3 Veiler + 1 Stratos + 1 Bubbleman = Ah Soo favorite)

Game 1: I had the otk ready and forgot to use a hero arrives first GENIUS!!!! However as a result to this I lost the game in the end though.

Game 2: I drew multiple Bubbleman again and just got beat down by his alius.

End Result: 1-2

So after dying terribly in the swiss i went to support Noobie by sitting next to him and spent the rest of the day watching him sack Black Luster Soldier 3 games in a row against Windups. So Noobie got first with his insane tech hieratics lol. There's a new soldier boy in town.

5/27 Lorong Ah Soo world championship qualifier top 16 qualifier tourney (IKR)

I felt a bit better today but still made some epic misplays lol

Deck used: Asia Format Machina Gadgets

Round 1: vs William (Bugs)

Game 1: I summoned Gadget and set two and he showed me two Cyclone lol. Later in the game I summoned my red gadget and forgot to search yellow like a genius. That ended up costing me the game.

Game 2: I summoned a Gadget and set two again and he showed me two Cyclone again ..... this time I couldn't recover and died to a swarm of bugs.

Current Result: 0-1

Round 2: vs Lauren (Inzektors)

Game 1: I really had no answers for his inzektors and he proceeded to steam roll me.

Game 2: He resolved his Inzektor Centipedes eff and search Dragonfly I killed the Centipede and stopped the eff of his Dragonfly later and proceeded to beat him down with Machina.

Game 3: He tried using a Inzektor Ladybug to Otk with the Gigamantis + Hornet combo but I stopped him with Veiler and killed his Ladybug with Fortress. When He tried to use the eff of a another Dragonfly the following turn I used The Transmigration prophecy on his Hornet and Ladybug in the grave forcing him to equip Gigamantis. He couldn't recover from this.

Current Result: 1-1 

Round 3: vs KFC (Rabbit Machina)

Game 1: I simply controlled the game from start to finish using my traps and he didn't have many answers to me so I just beat him down.

Game 2: I drew one set of gadgets and a gearframe lol so I summoned my gearframe and set two traps and ended my turn. Later in the game after summoning gadgets and attempting to use Geargiganto X's effect and getting it compulsed I ate a pro storm and only won because I kept topdecking more gearframe lol.

Current Result: 2-1

Round 4: vs Cassandra (Machina Gadgets)

Game 1: I drew some gadgets, gearframe, one cyclone, and a chain disappearance lol. She used heavy storm on me and just beat me down. The turning point of the duel came when I tried to veiler her gearframe and she used torrential so she could search for fortress.

Game 2: I did the same thing to her that she did to me the first game so I could search my fortress lol and won because of that just like she did.

Game 3: I drew spell and trap hate, one mind crush, and one yellow gadget. She opened quite well and I couldn't do anything because even after I mind crushed a fortress she searched with gearframe she showed me a Machina Cannon. Even after I got gearframe later it was too late as she had already farmed way too much advantage.

End Result: 2-2 

Oh well thats what happens. Even if I won 3 I might not have gone up as well seeing that all of my opponents also did quite badly in the tournament except Cassandra.

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