Saturday, 12 May 2012

Tourney Report 12/5 (Where apparently inzektors became popular in singapore again)

So I went to Dhoby Ghaut to play today since I had nothing better to do and played in the tournament
26 people attended this time if I remember correctly and there were 4 swiss rounds until top 8 single elimination.

Deck used: Arriving Putra

Round 1: Sam (The Eternal Malaysia Champion aka I'm so fucked) (inzektors)

So i fought Sam in the first round again <_<

Game 1: I lost to the usual inzektor shenanigans nothing special here.

Game 2: I stopped the inzektors for as long as I could but suddenly a wild tour guide appeared and I had to use solemn judgment on it which led to my doom when he summoned another on me the following turn.

Current Record: 0-1

Round 2: Keith Chen (Infernities)

Game 1: I show him an otk hand and he scoops lol

Game 2: I torrential he used starlight road me and he beat me down with street patrol and the stardust.

Game 3: Shadow imprisoning mirror stops him from doing anything the entire game and I just beat him down with heroes and exceeds.

Current Record 1-1

Round 3: Mango (Inzektors)

Game 1: I misplayed like hell and proceeded to lose to his inzektor shenanigans.

Game 2: I summoned 3 bubbleman and ate a torrential but manage to recover from that and beat him down with exceeds and fusions.

Game 3: I stopped his inzektor plays with some traps and made a blade heart and stratos to kill him after using night shot on one of his traps and returning the other to the top of his deck using phoenix wing wind blast.

Current Record: 2-1

Round 4: Winson (Machina Gadget)

He let me up

Top 8: Bixuan (Inzektors)

Round 1: The usual inzektor shenanigans happen and I couldn't stop him. When I tried to miracle fusion something to come back into the game I saw a solemn warning and scooped.

Round 2: I stall for a bit and just spammed monsters and killed him.

Round 3: Laval Chain, Bls, and Inzektor Damsel appeared while I sat there with this look on my face.

First time I've ever seen bixuan lucksack I think lol.

Bottom 4: Vishal (inzektors.... again)

Round 1:He didn't have the best hands and proceeded to get killed by me.

Round 2: He said he had a genius hand ............

Round 3: I had a shadow imprisoning to stop his inzektors and beat him down eventually. Epic fail moment of the match is when I tried to activate zephyros effect by returning bubbleman to hand with shadow imprisoning mirror on the field lol.

So i got 5th-6th and decided to take a card car D since I wasn't interested in the new duelist edition atlanthal or a common rare chaos soldier.

Inzektors now run card trooper it seems since card car D according to many players isn't as good as card trooper.

Congrats to noobie for topping too we'll get top 4 next time....... maybe......ok probaly not.

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  1. We went for the Tourney on the 12th, Genius. Today is the 13th, which is a Sunday.