Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Decline of Inzektors in Singapore and the Meta

Inzektors are considered one of the top if not the top deck in Singapore at the moment. With the ability to gain easy advantage, otk with only two cards, and a massive toolbox of rank 3, 4, and 5 exceeds its no wonder they are tier 1. However recently there has been a decline in the number of inzektor players at locals. At most now I only fight one inzektor or none at locals each week. There could be a few reasons for this in my opinion such as that inzektors have a terrible matchup against decks that can main macro cosmos such as raggia which is seen quite commonly in Singapore or perhaps its just that inzektors have gotten boring (lets face it who doesn't feel inzektors are boring now).

In any case with the decline of Inzektors the Singapore meta has gotten increasingly more random. Laval, Hieroglyph, Geargia variants, Hero variants, Dark World, Raggia variants, and even random decks such as Machina Gadgets have topped recently in Singapore. While I believe no deck is really better than the rest right now I know that I would rather fight Dark World and Raggia all they long compared to Laval.

So what are your thoughts on the meta? Any decks do you feel are overpowered or annoying to face for you?
Lastly if you are or were an inzektor player would you consider changing decks or if you have why did you do so?

Thanks for reading


  1. I feel anything Putra plays is fucking imba and needs to be nerfed, I'll drop any of my decks to play whatever Putra is playing.

  2. I heard putra is playing hero beat like an Asian Champ!