Sunday, 3 June 2012

Tournament Report 2nd June 2012 top 16 WCQ Qualifier

Woke up a bit late and was thinking if I wanted to go but decided I might as well go as the card shop was only around 20 min from my place.

Met up with AvengingKnight as usual sadly Noobie wasn't there as he was stuck with national service this week. I was surprised by how small the card shop was but the place was clean and looked good so it was ok I guess.

Since there weren't enough tables we would have to wait for a table to play our matches in this tourney.

Swiss round of 4 to top 8 single eli

Deck used: Machina Gadgets "this time with extra sacking powers"

Round 1: vs Kenneth "plant" Koh (Hanzo Hieratics)

Game 1: We didn't do much for a while I just summoned Orange Boy and Gadgets and tried to poke and he farmed. When he tried to spam exceeds I stopped him with some traps but still ended up eating 5000 damage. I cleared his field and ended my turn and when he tried to hit me next turn with an Eset for some additional damage I dropped my maindecked Tragoedia on him (lol) and later killed him with Limiter Removal.

(Noobie's suggestion for the main decked tragoedia actually worked lol)

Game 2: We both farmed for a bit and when he used the Hieratic seal of Convocation to search Tofeni I Mind Crushed his hand and thought I saw a Forbidden Lance and set 4 cards in my hand. In my utter genius what i thought I saw was a Heavy Storm and I loss my entire backrow to him lol. I proceeded to eat dragons from there.

(Epic Fail)

Game 3: I summoned a Gadget and set two and ended my turn. He tried to rush me but when he searched the Tofeni with the Seal I Mind Crushed him once again lol. He still attempted to spam but I dropped Maxx C and he only went Eset then special summoned Su to at least kill my gadget so I couldn't make Geargiganto X and get Gearframe the next turn. I used Dark Hole to clear his field and summoned Orange Boy and attacked. On the following turn he summoned Hanzo and I used Warning on him when he used Monster Reborn to summon Hanzo again and tried to use an already set Super Transformation I Cycloned it and his Hanzo suicided into my Gearframe. With no cards left on hand and field I showed Kenneth a hand of Gearframe, Fortress, Gadget, and Limiter Removal and he surrendered.

Current Result: 1-0

Round 2: vs Clarence Foo (Hanzo Hieratics) ..... again

Round 1: I don't remember too much here before I started writing what happened in the tourney sorry. What I do remember is that he had a Hanzo on the field and an awesome hand so after I wasted some resources on the Hanzo he cleared my backrow and spammed the field with exceeds.

Round 2: I made a genius play and went for the otk but made a misplay and failed I did a good amount of damage still though and had a Maxx C to back me up after he cleared my field with Dark Hole and went for the otk but stopped halfway because of the Maxx C. The Maxx C did let me draw into my third Orange Boy though and I killed him with it since he was low on life.

Round 3: Open Heavy Storm, Limiter Removal, Orange Boy, Orange Boy, Fortress, and draw into Maxx C ..... I think you should know the end result of this lol.

Current Result: 2-0

Round 3: vs Akira (Evil Evil Bugs)

Round 1: He had one of the worse hands I had seen an Inzektor player had in a while and when I stopped his lone Ladybug he just died because I had farmed with Geargiganto X and he couldn't do anything about the beatdown.

Round 2: I didn't use Cyclone on his lone backrow and got my Orange Boy Warninged. The game went down hill from there as my Gadgets kept dying to his Centipede and I had no answer. Later in the game he made a Zenmaines to stall and had Inzektor stunts ready to kill me on the following turn along with a Cyber Dragon in hand to make Chimeratech just in case. My hand was Mind Control, 2 Gadgets, and a Fortress I drew and I drew Limiter Removal! His field only had one Zenmaines and one set card. Knowing I was going to die the following turn I decided to just go for it and summoned a Gadget, Summoned a Fortress, Mind Controled his Zenmaines and attack for game with the Limiter since he had less than 6000 life and miraculously it worked and I won.

Current Result: 3-0

Round 4: AvengingKnight

He let me win since I had the lower tie breaker.


Top 8: vs Clarence Foo (Hanzo Hieratics) again

Round 1: Otk and I couldn't stop it at all.

Round 2: I otk him in return.

Round 3: I had him in a good position when he used Pot of Duality and got Hanzo and I made the stupid mistake of summoning Tragoedia after he killed My Hanzo letting Him super transform the Hanzo and a Gearframe I summoned next turn into a REDMD and another Hieratic which I cannot remember. I tried to protect myself with a fortress but he went into the exabeetle otk and I lost.

So what did I learn from this tourney?

Lesson 1: When Noobie's suggestions work they just win

Lesson 2: Limiter Removal is a good card. (I will never doubt you again Limiter)

Lesson 3: Don't throw Maxx C at the wrong time.

Lesson 4: Swift Scarecrow might be a better idea than Tragoedia since it can get Super Transformed.

Lesson 5: I hate Hanzo.

Also in other news Noobie has been trying to get me into Vanguard and I have no idea what I want to play any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!!!

Sorry I didn't go to the tournament today and add more to this report but I had homework I needed to do.


  1. hanzo hieratic everywhere..

  2. I played the only two in the tournament I believe. The top 8 had 4 inzektors so yeah....