Monday, 25 June 2012

WCQ report

I wont bother with most of the stuff since its quite obvious that I scrubbed lol. I went 3-3 sadly but it's ok I got some bright (OMG MY EYES ARE GOING TO BURN OFF) colored protectors and had an enjoyable time. Theres always asia plus to look forward too anyway.

Some interesting things that happened:

I Chain Disappearanced an Effect Veiler.

My friend Cheng Zi won a game by attacking with an Effect Veiler and using Forbidden Chalice on it lol.

Noobie also won a game by ramming a Tragoedia with Gaia Dragoon and using Forbidden Chalice on it lol.

Kenneth (Plant) died when someone used three Electric Virus on his field of dragons lol.

I saw Kenneth's (Plant) new water deck in action it looks very fun props to him for that.

Final Countdown got top 16. Good job on that Kenneth (Tan).

Wesley Seek ended up winning the whole thing congrats to him. Also congratulations to Poh Seng as well for getting third.

So what did I learn from the event? Time to play a Tier 1 deck instead of relying on gadgets lol. The deck didn't have the brute force I needed in a lot of my games to win.

As for Asia Plus I have no idea who I want to team up with except Noobie. I wonder if they do make an extra pack 5 will it be legal for the event because I would like to use some of the cards from it in the event itself.

Nothing much until September banlist now hopefully Konami will give us a decent list. Knowing Konami however....

Well thanks for reading this jumbled mess of a post.

Also I just realized this blog has almost 2500 views (O.O) thanks for all the support everyone.

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