Thursday, 7 June 2012

Random Chaos Hieratic Decklist: Because I wanted to try being creative.

Monsters: 26

2 Cyber Dragon
3 Tofeni
3 Shiyuu
3 Aset
3 Effect Veiler
2 Card Car D
2 Light Pulsar Dragon
2 Caius
1 Black Luster Soldier
1 Watt Dragon
1 Luster Dragon #2
1 Curse of Dragon

Spells: 11

3 Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering
3 Cyclone
1 Night Shot
1 Allure of Darkness
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn
1 Book of Moon

Traps: 3

1 Solemn Judgment
2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

I wanted to try a Hieratic decklist like Noobie's using some of the ideas of one of the Hieratic players from shriek and make my own decklist for once.

The general idea behind the deck is to summon light pulsar and make it sit there with a full field so that even if they use Dark Hole you'll at the least get back a REDMD most of the time.

Cyber Dragon + Caius is an incredibly Strong Chaos engine on its own and will force cards from your opponent or perhaps the Veiler. At the least Caius is quite big and won't die so easily to most decks (fuck Inzektors). Cyber Dragon + Aset = instant Rank 5 which gives many options that Hieratics aren't normally able to access so easily such as Volcasaurus, Tyrus, and Wind up Zenmaio.

A good strategy is summoning Tofeni then tributing it for Caius which leads to M7, Bounzer, Sword Breaker etc etc.

So what do you think of the deck?

I would really appreciate suggestions I want to play some Hieratic variation besides Hanzo.

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