Sunday, 1 July 2012

Chaos Hieratic Part 2

So I've been trying out the Chaos Hieratic decklist recently because I got bored with hero and got some interesting results with the deck so I decided to revise it.

Monsters: 27

3 Tofeni
3 Shiyuu
3 Aset
3 Effect Veiler
2 Card Car D
2 Light Pulsar Dragon
2 Caius
2 Tragoedia
1 Black Luster Soldier
1 Watt Dragon
1 Luster Dragon #2
1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
Spells: 13

3 Pot of Duality
3 Hieroglyph Seal of Gathering
3 Cyclone
2 Forbidden Lance
1 Heavy Storm
1 Monster Reborn

Traps: 2

2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

The changes are highlighted in red.

So for a total of 42 cards this is version 2 of the deck.

I removed the Allure from my previous version as it really wasn't working that well for me.

The Curse of Dragon was also taken out because it was frankly quite useless. The option to exceed. rank 5 was quite good but it just didnt work out when I could do the same with Cyber Dragon + Eset.

Speaking of Cyber Dragon I took them out because I don't have a Sacred Pleaides, which was the rank 5 exceed I wanted to summon most often anyway. Instead of them I put Tragoedia and Gorz because I learned that this deck has absolutely no defense game 1 to stall with. Also Gorz and Tragoedia make good tribute fodder for Caius if necessary and both are Dark as well so it fits in better with the Chaos engine. 

I put in 3 Pot of Duality and 2 Forbidden Lance for added consistency and backrow hate. I took out the Solemn Judgment because I found it quite unnecessary at times. 

Overall I feel this version is better than the last one though I do miss Cyber Dragon in my main deck as it can pressure well, work wonders against Machina, and can be used to start off combos. It feels great to draw a Cyber Dragon when you have a hand of multiple Shiyuu.

I'm hoping that with the addition of Tragoedia and Gorz I can stall longer and farm what I need. 

Thanks for reading!

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