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Chaos Dragons or How much I hate (love) Light Pulsar Dragon

Chaos Dragons

Part 1: The deck

A deck that has recently gotten some attention in Singapore it is more known for its new found success in the TCG meta players here are starting to realize how strong the deck can be in our current meta.

Chaos Dragon are in essence Twilight ver 2. They play much like Lightsworns obviously because they rely on a heavy Lightsworn engine, relying on cards such as Ryko, Lyla, Solar Recharge, and Charge of the Light Brigade to mill cards from the deck which it will later use as fodder for chaos monsters, Dark Flare Dragon, and Light Pulsar Dragon. Like the new dragon archetype Hieratics Chaos Dragons win with a army of Dragons that proceed to pound your face in and make you go cry in a corner of self-pity.

Now if your asking since Chaos Dragons and Hieratics win the same way whats the point of playing one or the other I shall go into more detail now and the best way to look at this is to look into the three SD exclusives that the deck runs.

First off we have Eclipse Wyvern.

Mill decks can have consistency **** this game

With its effect letting Chaos Dragons have the power to add all their combo pieces to their hand this card ensures that even if you stop the summon of one dragon or chaos monster they have another dragon in hand ready to throw on the field if they banished this card. This lets the deck have a stream of boss monsters ready so no matter how much backrow you have their will be something more.

2400 Attack Dark Grepher for dragons? With Bonus D.D. Crow effects? **** this game

Darkflare Dragon is annoying. Its big it helps the dragon deck manage the graveyard and it can remove threats from your opponents graveyard (inzektor players you know the pain of this). While the second part of the effect might seem like the more devastating part the first part isn't no joke either. The ability to send any dragon from deck to grave is a powerful thing and can help set up combo plays for later in the game. So even after you get over his 2400 attack rear end now you have to be worried of whats next.

I hate you so much .... but I can't help to love you all the same
Still for the amount of suffering you've caused me recently.
Die in fire Lightpulsar Dragon.

The few times I do go on Dnet this card has been a bane and a blessing to me so many times. One-half of the infamous Pulsar loop (the other card being REDMD) this card is not only a solid 2500 attack it generates advantage when it is killed (wtf). If you thought Inzektors were annoying wait till you see this and REDMD on your field. Plus you can discard any single light and single dark monster to special summon this card from your graveyard. Broken? Yes. Annoying? Extremely. Fun to use? Definitely.

With these 3 cards as a basis an engine is created which summons dragons consistently almost every game. While they lack the burst of Hieratics and the easy set up this deck can win in the long grind and no matter how many times your field gets cleared you'll always have an option ready. 

Let us not neglect on the other cards the deck runs however. After all it is called "Chaos" Dragons for a reason right.

First off we have the always lovable Chaos sorcerer. An old staple from bygone eras this card is now making a return in Chaos Dragons do to its easy summoning cost and problem solving effect. The sad part about Chaos Dragons is that they are unable to get past annoying walls such as Spirit Reaper and Gellenduo. With this card all these problems can be solved quite simply.

Second we have the legend himself Black Luster Soldier Envoy of the Beginning. How many games has this card won single-handedly for you. How many times have you felt relief when you topdecked this card. Appearing on the battlefield this pretty boy has 3000 attack, can attack you twice, and has an upgraded version of Chaos Sorcerer's effect. Loved and Hated one thing we call all agree on is that it is a fearsome threat.

Lastly lets not forget the always lovable (formerly expensive) Lightsworn cards. Lyla and Ryko are staples in this deck but lets us not forget the possibility to include other cards such as Ehren, Jain, Lumina, and the dragon that always put a sour note in our day JD himself. Of course the latter cards are used in a more Lightsworn heavy version but Lyla and Ryko should be staples in any Chaos Dragon deck.

Part 2: How It Plays

The deck itself plays like a standard twilight deck from my limited experience with it. Summon your monster mill a few cards or activate Solar Recharge and go on from there. Heavy Backrow tends to not be so large of a problem due to the multiple copies of Lyla, Ryko, Cyclone, and Forbidden Lance the deck plays. Even with a 5 card backrow they should be able to push through it by summoning enough monsters. 

Chaos Dragons mainly win with a flood of monsters much like Hieratics like I stated above however what is different is that the deck itself sets this up over multiple turns. Slowly filling up the grave with monsters then bursting with an REDMD and swarming the field. Dragons are also big though so simply getting under 5300 life is all it takes for a single REDMD and one Lightpulsar to kill you.

Slowly but steadily Chaos Dragons will grind you down and finish you with a hasty otk. Unfortunately sometimes there isn't much we can do about that but we can do some interesting theory crafting on how to play against the deck itself.

Part 3: Fighting Against Chaos Dragons

Chaos Dragons are in essence as I've mentioned before a revamped Twilight deck. The implications of this are quite obvious from the beginning they are a deck that is extremely reliant on the graveyard and thus the mill engine. As they say prevention is better than a cure so if possible stop them from milling too much if you can help it. With most decks running 3 Veilers that will be somewhat useless against Chaos Dragons it is important to use them when you can and stop the Lylas, Chaos monsters, and the REDMD. In the following games it might not be such a good idea to take 1 out due to how Veiler can be such a dead draw against the deck itself.

Side decking properly against Chaos Dragons is also extremely important like against any deck Macro Cosmos is a good idea but I have reservations on it seeing that this might give them the option to do D.D.R. plays which can be extremely painful. I personally prefer putting in hand traps such as Gorz, Tragoedia, and Swift Scarecrow along with one of my personal favorite side deck cards Dimensional Prison. Also be sure not to side in Maxx C as you cannot chain to most of the special summons the deck performs and will be stuck with it in hand for a while. Another valid option if you cannot run hand traps and do not like cards such as Dimensional Prison and Bottomless Trap Hole is simply controlling the grave through cards such as Crevice from D.D. and Transmigration Prophecy (Trans should be in your side this meta) 

It is important to know what your deck can do especially when fighting against Chaos Dragons in my opinion. Unlike when fighting against decks such as Inzektors and Rabbit Ragia most of their monsters will likely have stronger attack than yours. This forces you to be creative as while it is possible to grind through lots of backrow its almost impossible to get across a monster stronger than your entire deck without a trap of some kind. Thus think creatively and look to see what your deck should do to win against them. Should you try to stop them short early game at all cost? Or perhaps try to stop the Pulsar itself later in the game. What is the bigger threat to you right now the Lyla? Or perhaps the REDMD in the future? These are questions that you should be asking on what deck your playing because sometimes Veilering the Lyla and stopping them from milling can be the right move. However when they drop an REDMD on you and summon that Lightpulsar from hand you know your in deep shit so perhaps Veilering the Lyla so early in the game might be a bad idea. 

Lastly, experiment find someone with the deck and go a few rounds with them. Experiment to see what you can do against them. Acquire experience you can use in the future when playing against this deck. As long as your facing a generally competent player you should see some of the basic plays people do and tend to lean on and perhaps expect these some other day. 

Thanks for reading my wall of text that I've been slacking on for the past few days.

And remember Future Fusion is a *****.

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