Saturday, 9 June 2012

9/6 WCQ Top 16 Qualifier Tourney Report

I was nearly late for the tournament due to a tree that fell on the expressway delaying my bus lol. However I managed to arrive on the nick of time and as usual pulled no foils from my tournament pack <_<.

Oh well.

Deck Played: Putra Gadgets

5 round swiss to top 8

Round 1: vs Lauren (inzektors) Ah soo WCQQ rematch lol

Game 1: I controlled quite easily with my backrow and just beat him down with Fortress.

Game 2: I actually opened quite badly with multiple Gadgets, Fortress, and Mind Control but he made a first turn No 12: Crimson Shadow, added a Damsel to hand and ended his turn. I drew a compulsory and stole his Crimson Shadow made a Gaia Dragoon summoned Gadget and Fortress and attacked and had the Compulsory for his Damsel the following turn so I won.

Noobie was also having a rematch with a opponent of his from Ah soo as well too he lost this time though.


Current Result: 1-0

Round 2: vs Jie Lun am I spelling your name correctly? (inzektors)

Game 1: It was quite a standard game for a while and I made one Geargiganto X and farmed successfully to my surprise but he cleared my backrow and dropped BLS on me unexpectedly. I killed the BLS with Fortress but he used call of the haunted to bring it back. However I had a Compulsory ready for it and won since he didn't have any more lights to remove for BLS and no inzektors.

Game 2: He opened 3 Ladybug I believe and tried to stall for a while, however I had a Shadow-Imprisoning mirror ready for him and pushed him down to 1900 life with a beatdown. He then started setting monsters and I thought he had Snowman Eater I just decided to make a Photon Butterfly Assassin and flip it face up since I could summon Fortress and kill him after he destroyed my Assassin but he surrendered after I summoned it since he knew I was going to win.


Current Result: 2-0

Round 3: vs Clarence Foo (inzektors)

Game 1: I controlled from start to finish and farmed with Geargiganto X until I had too much advantage. He just lost to beatdown.

Game 2: He had Snowman Eaters to stall my Gadgets and I made the mistake of not summoning my Gadget since I was hesitant due to his two set cards. He made a Zenmaines (<_<) and summoned a Card Car D which I Veilered. On my turn I tried to push everything but he had a Mirror Force ready and when I set two he used storm on me on his turn and I died.

Game 3: His hand was really quite bad so I just beat him down with Gadgets and multiple Fortress.


Current Result 3-0

At this point I was feeling quite good because all I had to do is win one of the next two games to top 8.

Round 4: Shelton (Hanzo Hieratics)

Game 1: Geargiganto X Farming with no answer means that I'm winning most likely. :D

Game 2: I set two and summoned Gearframe which he Veilered and he used Heavy Storm on me (<_<). He summoned a Hanzo and set two and ended turn. I summoned a Gadget and when he went to use Super Trans on me I booked my own Gearframe so I wouldn't lose it and all he summoned was a Koaki Meiru Drago. I killed the Drago with a Geargiganto I made but he summoned a BLS on me and I had no answer for it lol.

Game 3: I thought things were going well when I summoned Geargiganto X and farmed successfully but when he didn't set anything I knew he had Heavy Storm and he proceeded to otk me with 3 Shiyu,
an Aset, and an REDMD lol.


Round 5 vs Kenny (Dark World)

Game 1: I summoned a Gearframe and set two and ended turn. He used Card Destruction on his turn and I thought I was screwed but He only discarded two Grapha and I destroyed my two backrow. He couldn't get anything going after that and I just beat him down.

Game 2: I opened with one Gearframe and Shadow Mirror and used Pot of Duality to get a second one. He tried to play around my Shadow Mirror thinking I only had one but I had two and it turned into a backrow war while I kept beating his face in with Gearframe. When he made a move and started using his backrow he managed to get a Grapha on the field after we both used everything. I summoned a Gadget set a card and ended my turn. He attacked with his Grapha and I used Book of Moon on it thinking I could make a Utopia next turn and defend myself and go for Utopia Ray when he summoned Grapha again for game since his life was under 2k but he said a monster which I knew was a Scarr and ended his turn. So I just made one Photon Butterfly Assassin to kill it and I won lol.


Top 8: vs AvengingKnight (inzektors)

Game 1: He said he opened quite badly which is true but he managed to clear my backrow with his two MST and proceeded to steamroll me with a BLS. Funny thing that happened was I told him show me BLS and I'll surrender and on his next turn he got it.

Game 2: He opened a lot of backrow and so did I. I had a Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror to stop whatever plays he had though. For most of this game he had a Gravity Bind open stopping me from doing anything useful. However I managed to clear the first one when he activated a second one on me (<_<). Later he made a Zenmaines and a Centipede and was beating my face in with them. I thought I was going to lose in a bit but I managed to God Draw into an MST and summoned my Gadget and two Fortress destroyed the Gravity Bind and used Limit Break to Smash his Zenmaine twice with two 5000 attack Monsters for game.

Game 3: He opened quite badly and it turned into a backrow war again. I beat him a bit with Gearframe until he got rid of it. Later I made one Photon Butterfly Assassin to get past his Gravity Bind and attack one of his defence position monsters for damage. At the end of the match after we opened almost all our backrow he used Call of the Haunted to attempt to summon Sangan since he was desperate. He activated Solemn Judgment in response and misplayed because when he summoned Dark Armed he couldn't kill My Assassin since I had a Shadow Mirror ready to stop his DAD's eff and he couldn't attack due to his Gravity Bind. So I just attacked his Sangan for game.


Top 4:  vs Sam Kee Eternal God of Malaysia aka I'm so fucked (inzektors)

Game 1: He summoned a Centipede and I used Solemn Warning on it. When he used Reborn on it I immediately threw Veiler at it since I knew that must have been all he had and I just killed the Centipede and beat him down from there.

Game 2: 0 monsters appeared and when I set traps to stall I ate a Heavy Storm and died (<_<).

Game 3: It was a close game but a timely Mind Crush saved Sam since my hand was Fortress, Gadget, Limiter, Mind Control, Storm. Since I summoned a Gadget previously he knew which one was in my hand and because of the Mind Crush he didn't summon a rank 5 exceed for me to Mind Control. I couldn't get any monsters next turn and lost to a swarm of bugs (>_<).

As usual when playing against Sam I win game 1 and lose the next 2. Its never his main deck that kills me its his side. Still can't believe I lost to a Mind Crush of all things.

Oh well at least I pulled an Ultra D.D. Crow from my pack.

Also I fought 5 Inzektors today wtf.

Thanks for reading!!!

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