Thursday, 14 June 2012

Got Derped: Tournament Report Qualifiers 10/06/12

Deck used: Chaos Dragons
Format: 5 Round Swiss, Cut to Top 8

1st Round: Inzektors OXX
1st game: I had the Lightsworn Engine going and derped him with my 4 boss monsters in hand, with Photon Streak Bounzer locking him out of the duel.
2nd game: I got slaughtered because my hand consisted of Hand Traps and a Darkflare Dragon. I Banished his Hornets but it seems he keeps drawing them...
3rd game: Went into time and lost due to his powerful Hornet poke of 500 backed by 2 Torrential Tribute. =.=

2nd Round: Inzektors XOX
1st game: He drew the nuts. I drew Storm. He had Judgment. Ho yay~
2nd game: I drew the nuts. Future Fusion is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too busted.
3rd game: Again he drew the nuts, and somehow, my opponents can get 3 Hornets. @!#$%#Q$%@#RER

3rd Round: Rabbit Ragia OO
1st game: 3 Ryko versus 3 Ragia. The result is clear.
2nd game: MSTs do their work + Beatdown ALWAYS works against Ragia somehow.

4th Round: Hanzo Ragia XOX
1st game: He killed me with my own Maindecked Reborn'd Koaki Meiru Drago and somehow had the mantainence cost to keep it alive, costing me the duel.
2nd game: Electric Virus His Ragia with materials and dropped my whole hand to flood and rape for more than 8000 damage.
3rd game: Hanzo sucks, I have backrow removal, he has more backrow. My FGD was about to come out but he Dualitied into a MST. Yay~

5th Round: Inzektors OXO
1st game: Dance Dane Revolution scored me 7300 damage after I poked him for 700 damage earlier.
2nd game: Giga-Hornet Dragonfly says hai~ I said hai~
3rd game: Photon Streak Bounzer is a winner I say.

Total Score: 2-3 *facepalm*

Hopefully Ill have more success at the WCQ. -bleh-

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