Sunday, 8 July 2012

Another Banlist Prediction from Putra (as if there weren't enough by now

As for september banlist as usual with banlists there are decks that should be hit, decks that shouldn't be hit, cards that should be affected, and cards that shouldn't however as usual.....


Mr. Konami will you give us a decent banlist?


Rejoice duelist, I can make your wish come true!!!
(As long as we keep getting money from you)


Future Fusion (I think you all know why)
Brionac (generates all the loops, otks, and crazy combos so it has to go, bad news is less of bahas crazy combos)
Card Destruction (I hate cards like this which immediately auto win game)
Mind Control (I hate this card with all of my soul and being)


Inzektor Dragonfly (inzektors have lived for around a year now time to go)
Rescue Wabbit (because laggia, opheon, and dolkka are good cards)

Semi Limited:

Agent Earth
TG striker
(I can dream right? right?)
Tour Guide (this card is <_<)
MST (Im starting to think three of this card is bad for the game)

Now if i were to be more unrealistic I would say this banlist would hit hieratics, chaos dragons, and wind ups more but I doubt that will happen since both decks are still quite new to the ocg unlike wabbit  and bugs.

Thanks for reading!!!

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