Saturday, 21 July 2012

Banlist sept 2012 prediction

Mind Control
Future Fusion

Inzektor Dragonfly
A Hero Arrives
Ultimate Offering
Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Rescue Rabbit

This is no means a list made for the sake of the game but a prediction of what konami will do. Some things that should be affected by the banlist in my opinion like wind-ups are not here but there are a number of reasons behind this.


The Banned list is quite obvious with the release of Mind Pollution in Abyss Rising I believe Konami was making a inferior replacement for Mind Control when they finally ban it.

Future Fusion is there to hit the obvious Chaos Dragons and Hero shenanigans, because we all know how bullshit they are.

Brionac is still one of the most overused synchros these days and makes infinite loops all day every day.


The limited list has Inzektor Dragonfly to hit inzektors of course. Even if it isn't dragonfly that is hit however something from inzektors should be hit because they have already been around for quite a long time.

A Hero Arrives is there also to stop all the bullshit Arrive decks. They might hit this due to the fact that Arrive Hero won the Japanese WCQ and personally if they hit Arrive Hero and leave normal Hero I still wouldn't mind as standard Hero Beat is still quite Balanced.

Ultimate Offering is there to hit the offering Machina Gadget for the simple reason that this deck doesn't make money for Konami. Mostly everyone has the exceeds necessary to make this deck and obtaining a playset of Machina and Gadgets is even easier. Thus Konami might hit this deck so that people will buy their newer products.

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon the boss of the dragon decks this thing opens up otk after otk. The main reason that this is on the list is because of that however another reason why this could be on the list is because the structure deck was released December of last year. With this much time since the release of the deck there could be a chance that this deck will get hit.


Rescue Rabbit is the only card on the limited list because Rabbit does need to be hit. However It isn't limited for the sole reason that they still need to sell Photon Shockwave.

Now why are a lot of things not on this list such as windups and tourguide?

Simple because of Extra Pack 5 coming out soon. If tourguide and wind ups were hit sales of Extra Pack 5 will lower because those are obviously the most hyped cards of Extra Pack 5.

By this point I feel that Konami will never unlimit Destiny Draw no matter how much we want it. However with the strength of current Rank 6 exceeds I feel that it might not be a good idea too anyway.

Thanks for reading this wall of text.


  1. Not sure about bionaic being banned though. Konami still want to sell their water structure deck; whose monster have effect when discarded by a water monster's effect.

  2. 3 Destiny Draw does not suddenly make your Malicious 5 times more powerful.

    1. I was thinking dasher but your point is valid.

  3. 3 D Draws just means that you have to run more Jank Destiny Heros to prevent dead-drawness.

  4. Reborn I feel while being absurdly OP isn't so bad right now. Of course you get sacked once in a while because of reborn but card games wouldn't be fun without some luck involved wouldn't it? Also looking from Konami's standpoint why would they ban reborn? It hasn't changed in power at all since last format when you could reborn hyperion or make insane junk doppel plays with it. The only difference now is that your reborning stratos and redmd instead of hyperion and lonefire. There also isn't any substitute made for it unlike mind control. The only reasonable way konami would ban reborn in my opinion is if they brought one of the older generic revival cards back for some reason and banned reborn.