Monday, 16 July 2012

Gaining interest in MTG for some reason ....

My friend at school gave me a sudden interest in magic.....

The game is fun however what I don't like is that there's rotation and how expensive the game is.
Despite that though the game is entertaining and I feel more skill in that game right now instead of yugioh (though that may be because the format is trash right now).                                                  

I'm thinking about making some kind of blue deck that revolves around tarland the sky summoner right now and using augur of bolas to get an instant or sorcery from my deck.

Any ideas on how to make a deck?

I might have to change the title of the blog at this rate.

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  1. Hey there, I'm trying Magic too for the time being. Well, I do play DN sometimes but not as frequent, at least won't be until next format. If you wanna play magic online, you can download a program called Cockatrice and we can play sometimes - it's quiet easy to use. You can search it from Youtube and there's tons of guide for download.

    And yeah Augur of Bolas is definitely great in Delver, but even more so for UB Control