Sunday, 15 July 2012

15-7-2012 tourney report

So I really haven't been too interested in this game lately until I got some new hero bullshit stunts from Bahamut. Feeling inspired to play again (aka spam monsters) I entered todays tourney with low expectations of winning lol.

Deck Played: Arrive Black Hero

Round 1 vs Calvin (Arrive Black Hero)

game 1: Shock ruler is godlike as always lol.

game 2: I ate an otk from him on his second turn after he cleared some backrow of mine.

game 3: Shock ruler wins everything ....

Current Record 1-0

Round 2 vs Dark World (whose name I cannot remember)

Game 1: Skill drain ruins my life when Im playing a deck that relies on monster effects.

Game 2: Skill drain <_< I hate that card so much now.

Current Record 1-1

Round 3 vs Kenneth Plant (Laval) Paired up lol

Game 1: A shitty hand from plant leads to a quick otk from me with everything.

Game 2: he opened quite bad but he recovered with Maxx C and Rekindling

Game 3: Shock Master does his job as usual .....

Current Record: 2-1

Round 4 vs Bao Chun (Arrive Dark Hero)

Game 1: Opened subpar and ate an otk lol.

Game 2: Incorrect side deck let me fail at comboing and cost me the game.

Current Record :2-2

Round 5 vs Rong Jie

He let me win because he wanted to help push me into top 8 if possible

Current Record: 3-2

Final Result: 12th place

I had a lot of fun playing this deck even though the mirror match sucks ass. Yugioh is getting a bit stale in this format so I'll just keep playing this deck for a while.

I'll make a post about some of the cool stuff from Abyss Rising soon if I have time. School is making my life very busy. ;_;

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