Friday, 31 August 2012

Mini Tourney Report 30-8-2012

So I went to Ah Kits Store today to play in the mini tourney since my exams are now over and I'm free for a month or so.

Playing pure agents again because well fuck T.G. :V

Deck Played: Putra Agents

September 1st Banlist

3 Swiss rounds followed by top 4 cut off.

Round 1: vs dark world (I forgot how to spell your name sorry)

Game 1: He had Skill Drain on the field ready to stop the effects of my monsters and was ahead in lifepoints for quite a while but a MST stopped the Skill Drain and forced him to activate Solemn thus shrinking the lifepoint gap and allowing me to make a comeback using Master Hyperion and Honest.

Game 2: He summoned a Goldd on his first turn, set a few, and ended his turn. I opened with Venus into Gachi plays and set a few cards before passing my turn. He attacked my Venus with his Goldd and ran into Dimensional Prison. Later he managed to summon a Grapha and attacked only to eat another Dimensional Prison. After losing the Grapha he couldn't do much else and died to Hyperion.

Current Record: 1-0

Round 2: vs Final Countdown with insane side deck (Mango)

Game 1: Saw Final Countdown and tried to play against it however ended up losing in the long run despite me summoning Kristya due to the fact that he had just enough resources to stall me. After the game he revealed his hand to show me 3 Battle Fader he couldn't use since I had Kristya on the field most of the game lol.

Game 2: I opened Venus into Gachi Plays and set 3 cards and ended my turn thinking I would fight Final Countdown Again. Suddenly I saw a Heavy Storm and Inzektors. After laughing like hell at what I knew would soon be my loss due to the epic mindfuck I tried struggling for a bit only to in the end lose to his Inzektors since I couldn't stop them after the turn 1 Heavy Storm.

Current Record: 1-1

Round 3 vs Chaos Dragon (Cheng Wee? I think thats how its spelled)

Game 1: I summoned a Kristya and slowly attacked with it and he couldn't do anything about it. I had a scary moment where he summoned Gale and halved Kristyas attack but I managed to stop his Eclipse Wyvern next turn with a Solemn Warning. He still got to banish with Wyvern's effect though lol.

Game 2: He couldn't get much going this game and but he had a Decree ready for my traps. I dropped Hyperion to destroy the Decree but he then used Heavy Storm on me lol. Despite that though Hyperion proved to be too strong and crushed him eventually.

Current Record: 2-1

Top 4: vs Wind-ups (LOL use Wind-ups in mini tourney Bahamut84)

Game 1: I played slowly with Venus and Gachi plays as usual and carefully manipulated my graveyard using Vermillion Declarer and Hyperion to let me summon Kristya which he had no out too lol.

Game 2: He looped two cards from my hand and ended on a field of Zenmaines and Daigusto Emeral. I tried stalling with set cards but I eventually died to the advantage he attained from the amount of cards he farmed using Emeral.

Game 3: I opened with Venus into Gachi plays and ended my turn. He went for Tour Guide and I used Vermillion Declarer to stop his Zenmighty's effect. Since he just ended his turn with an empty field I decided to tribute both Venus and Gachi for Kristya and pressure him. He ended up clearing my Kristya the following turn and summoned a Wind-up Rabbit and set a card. I summoned Hyperion to bait out his set card since I would have 4 Fairies in my Grave if he had a bottomless for my Hyperion but the set card ended up being Solemn Judgment. So I just used a previously set Call of the Haunted to revive Hyperion and drop Kristya on him for game.

Top 2: vs Final Countdown with insane side deck (Mango)

... I don't even want to talk about this match  ;_;

Result: 2nd place and got a Gold Rare BLS

Thoughts after tournament: Kristya is bullshit, Vermillion Declarer is the best, I hate Final Countdown, and whoops forgot to side in Decree and Snowman Eater today lol.

After the tournament I played some casual games the best moments of the day was using Mind Crush on all three of my friend Sherwyn's Rekindling (lol) and topdecking Kristya with exactly 4 Fairies in my grave to summon against him (Kristya SwagSwagSwag).

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