Monday, 27 August 2012

New SD coming soon!!!

Once upon a time in the world of duel monsters Mermails swam in the sea, Agents reigned in the skies, and Dark World rested in hell. The Heroes were recuperating from some of their losses and X Sabers reappeared to defend the land again after seemingly being exterminated by the Inzektors. The Samurais rested in the far east in their shiny castles and celebrated the end of the Inzektor swarm. As for the rabbits ... they were mourning the loss of their third brother somewhere. In the world of duel monsters peace is an impossibility, with such a wide variety of diverse races how could it be after all? However for now there was a balance and no one race could triumph and reign over all.

Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

Structure Deck 24 Assault of the Flaming King

Structure Deck 24 - Assault of the Flaming King

Release: 8th December 2012
Price: 1050 Yen (incl. tax)

- 40 Cards (number of new cards unknown)
- Rulebook
- Playing Guide
- Duel Field

- Deck revolves around the FIRE attribute, and can be combined with card(s) included in Cosmo Blazer, which is released in November 2012.
- Also includes many reprints.

I can't wait for this new set finally a playable fire archetype asides from Laval!!!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank god, finally... A Fire SD. Blaze of Destruction was a total disaster. But this is gonna be tier 1 for sure whatever it is, because previous SD's were great(atlanteans, chaos dragons, dark world and agents) I think it's related to Flaming Star archetype. You know, since this is the "Assault of the Flaming King" and the 3 cards are named Marquis, Master and Emperor. Jus' sayin.