Saturday, 8 September 2012

Overseas Trip

So yeah I went overseas to see relatives and stuff and settle life stuff. Not much time to play card games last week or this week but I'll see what I can do. I got to play some yugioh in California though with an old friend of mine I was visiting and got to test against TCG and soon to be OCG windups.

My friend wasn't using hunter because he wanted to test out whether removing hunter and adding cards such as duality and such while making it impossible for you to do the hand loop gives you much more consistency. He was maining maxx c over veiler too seeing as he was more worried about mirror and agents lol.

I dont remember much about the games but we went quite even against each other my agents vs his windups with most of the wins I got were just me dropping kristya (lol), he tended to perform lockdown setups using shock master to get easy wins. More often than not when one player got a small advantage in our matches it tended to spiral out of control with no way to recover.

Aside from windup vs agent mirrors I got some cards I was looking for to foil up my agent deck but was disappointed in the fact that I couldn't find the hobby league cyclones and ultra rare mind control I wanted to find.

Thanks for reading!

Sorry for the lack of editing I'm too tired right now to capitalize properly and such :V

I fucking hate shock master....

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