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Cards that will be popular in the next format. (Opinion)

Lets assume that the list posted on dueling days is 100% accurate.

(Here is the banlist posted on dueling days)

What cards will be more popular next format?

Also what decks will be viable as well.

Lets start off with a card that will in my opinion become extremely popular at the beginning of next format.

Thats right good old TKRO with this banlist I expect this card to become extremely popular in the main deck. Why is that though? Well the reasoning behind this is why this card became unpopular in the main deck in the previous format, inzektors. TKRO does nothing to inzektors. While It can stop the summon of the exceed monster TKRO will most likely die before the exceed monster is summoned so in an inzektor infested format TKRO is nothing more than dead weight.

However with this new banlist and all the hate it has on inzektors TKRO is now much more powerful. The deck hits machina variants, maldoche, gladiator beasts, agents, hieratics, x sabers, mermail, atlanteans, heroes, wind up, infernity, and many rogue decks.

What else also becomes popular with the destruction of inzektors?

Well a card that used to punish over aggression but was pointless against inzektors is now semi-limited will be seen everywhere. This will slow down the format drastically in my opinion whether it slows it down too much though awaits too be seen. 

Thats right I'm talking about good old Mirror Force. Lets also however not forget another card that was quite useless against inzektors but gains much power in this format.

Dimensional Prison! This card will be useful for removing those annoying floaters in the next format such as Card Trooper(if we see it), Sangan, and Maestroke.

Of course there should be many other cards that will grow in power that I have not mentioned above such as Bottomless Trap Hole, Mystic Tomato, and Neo-Spacian Grand Mole. What other cards do you think will gain popularity in next format?

As for decks that will also gain popularity lets take a look at the banlist to gain a better understanding of the September 1st meta. If you noticed many otk decks such as Chaos Dragon and Hieratics have been hit. Also Wind ups have lost their loop and much of their otk power (I think). Inzektors have been virtually erased from the game and Rabbit has gotten a slight nerf. So what does this mean? Well without the presence of Inzektors and dragon decks it means that the format has slowed down significantly. While otks still remain in the meta, such as the arrive hero otk for example, they are significantly nerfed compared to the March 1st format.

Thus many old school decks become extremely viable.

Here is a list of what I think will be stronger in this new format.

1) Gladiator Beasts
2) X Sabers
3) Six Samurais
4) Gravekeepers
5) Maldoche
6) Prophecy
7) Agents

So why do I think that these decks will become stronger?

Gladiator Beasts: With less backrow destruction from Inzektors and a slower meta Gladiator Beasts (GBs) are extremely powerful with the incredible power of War Chariot GBs have the ability to stop Mermail, X Sabers, Prophecy, and Maldoche from searching, Laval from sending cards to grave, Gravekeeper Spy from activating, and Six Samurai from negating. Heavy backrow, Destruction from Gyzarus, Negation from Heraklinos, and 3 Rotas make this deck a forced to be reckoned with.

X Sabers: One of the few decks with the ability to destroy massive amounts of backrow in one turn without spells X Sabers were not favored last format due to the speed of Inzektors. However without Inzektors X Sabers have more time to set up massive plays. With Hand Dropping abilities similar to Wind Ups, Hyunlei breaking through backrows, and lulzy loops X Sabers might now have their chance to shine in the OCG meta.

Six Samurais: One of the strongest decks in past formats they lost popularity last format due to their inability to deal with massive beatsticks and effect monsters easily, which was all of last format. However now in a format which will have heavy backrow presence in my opinion Shien becomes a major threat once again. Plus we all know how much pain Gateway and United along with two Six Samurai first turn is.

Gravekeepers: A solid deck even in the previous meta the only reason they weren't effective was because they just couldn't keep up in the meta. Now they have more power than ever with two Torrential and Mirror Force. Royal Tribute is still an amazing card and lets not forget the power that Necrovalley has as well.

Maldoche: A recently released archetype Maldoche are the new gadgets. Searching power and the ability to endlessly recycle makes them a powerhouse. While they may not have the big boss monsters that other decks have their ability to grind you down and gain advantage is unmatched. Expect them to be powering their way through many of the anti meta decks next format.

Prophecy: I myself am a bit unsure about how strong the archetype really is however they can farm and search extremely well, what are they trying to search for though? What cannot be denied is their ability to last through long games easily and simply outlast the opponent. If more support for this deck is released in the future who knows how far could it go? as for now though recycling Rotas is always never a bad thing.

Agents: Ah agents one of my all time favorite decks 3 Dark Armed Dragon imitators isn't a joke you know along with Kristya the deck is a powerhouse. We all should know what this deck does but why is it stronger? Well for starters Earth to two gives the deck a major boost. Secondly the OCG gets Tour Guide to play along with our imba exceeds. We also get some new support too in the form of Card Car D to speed up our deck compared to last time. Expect a Master Hyperion to be summoned in your face in the near future duelists.

So what will you play next banlist?

Will it be one of the decks I listed above? Or perhaps another deck from previous formats such as heroes.

Perhaps some of you will stick by Inzektors and Dragons too (lol).

Thanks for Reading!

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