Monday, 6 August 2012

Cosmo Blazar (aka Konami's either trolling or seriously going to print it)

So the name of the new pack is called Cosmo Blazar.

If any of you don't know in Yugioh 5Ds there is a card referenced in episode 149 called Cosmic Blazar Dragon. No image of it is ever given and no further information has been provided of it by Konami so many people assumed that it was one of those anime-only cards that would never be printed.!_5D%27s_-_Episode_149 here is where you'll find the card being shown in the anime just read the english translation section.

So if you decided to read the link above you should know this but if you didn't you wouldn't know that Cosmic Blazar Dragon is Yusei's signature card in a alternate timeline. In this timeline Yusei never had to deal with time travellers and apparently Meklords were killing everyone (yeah I know right wtf). The reason Yusei has Shooting Quasar Dragon in the anime is most likely due to the fact that Z-one travelled back in time and interfered with the timeline thus leading Yusei to create Shooting Quasar Dragon and not Cosmic Blazar Dragon.

So what do you think Cosmic Blazar Dragons effect will be if its printed.

Also is Konami just trolling us?


  1. buy all the rekindiling.
    Abyss Rising mostly water.
    Cosmo Blazar should be mostly fire.
    Imagine all those fire monster are 200def. Rekindling FTW

  2. Let's hope to god they dont... not because it would be OP(it would) but because rekindling is gonna end up on the list and hurt other decks