Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Interesting Hero Support

Today I felt like going over some new cards which can be used to support heroes in the event that the banlist destroys the deck. Some of these are quite random but can be used quite effectively depending on the situation.

Now lets get started with a look at a card that was just released in Abyss Rising:

Bull Blader


During either player's turn when an attack is declared involving this card and an opponent's monster: Neither player takes Battle Damage from this battle, and after damage calculation, destroy the monster this card was battling.

As you can see this card while weak in attack for a level 4 has the ability to destroy almost every single monster in the game. While you will take damage this card is an excellent counter to Verz Opheon, Gravekeeper Spy, and any random monster that is you just can't handle with your regular heroes. 

Other things that make this card powerful are that its a warrior so it can be searched by Reinforcement of the Army and that its level 4 so you can exceed with it if necessary.

For additional trolling equip this card with Safe Zone and let it sit just slowly ram its way through all of your opponents monsters.

For our second card of the day we have a new TCG exclusive

Noble Knight Gawayn


If you control a light normal monster you can special summon this card (from your hand) in face up defense position.

More exceed spamming with alius and this lol.

Plus its a 1900 attack light warrior not too shabby in my opinion.

The art isn't that bad looking either.

Speaking of art whats with all the awesome art coming out lately in yugioh I mean we have Ancient Dragon, Prophecy Destroyer, and now we get this guy.

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