Saturday, 20 October 2012

Whether your East or West its all the same

With YCS Rhode Island happening around the same time as the Asia Plus Championships I'd like to wish all duelists luck who are attending the events.

Personally I'm quite nervous for the Asia Plus Championships and am eating massive amounts of cake as a result of it.However I do hope that I can at least support my team in our top 8 match and hopefully win the entire thing with them.

As for you people in Rhode Island at this moment I'm looking forward to see if Wind-Ups can show that they can win a YCS or perhaps another deck can clinch the title and prove once and for all that Wind-Ups although they may be tier 1 are perhaps not head and shoulders above the other top tier decks (even though I believe they pretty much are at this point).

Personally I'm hoping for either Trooper Agents to win the event and show that my beloved Agents can stand a chance against Wind-Ups (even though I know they most likely do I just want some confirmed proof) or a heavy stun based deck like Heroes do well because anti-meta is cool (=.=)b 

Well wherever you are Singapore or the United States it's time to GET YOUR GAME ON!!!

I've always wanted to type that out.

Thanks for reading!!!

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