Sunday, 21 October 2012

asia plus scrubbing and decklists

Seeded into top 8 died in top 8 oh well. Congrats to William, Bixuan, and Johann of team koi for winning and thanks for treating us to drinks from Koi later lol.

So heres my decklist in order main side and extra. I'm missing a Card Trooper and Trap Stun because one ended up in a friends deck in a casual duel (lol) and the trap stun I had to return.

I died terribly to bad hands in top 8 but what can you do its yugioh, I tried my best and I got top 8 which is better than many people can say. There's always next year anyway. Most of the card choices in this deck are quite standard I feel for an agent deck. The two Tragoedia replace the Duality and the Night Beam and Raigeki Break replace the Cyclone and Torrential. The deck basically just plays the protect the Rai-Oh game and just spams boss monsters or simply beatdown with Venus and stuff to win. The Gellenduo is there as a replacement for Book of Moon and to use as tribute fodder for hands full of boss monsters.

As for the side the only curious choice should be the Leeching the Light. I put it in mainly because I was looking for a good power card against Hero Beat and Mirror and this was my preferred option. This is mainly because I can otk a Hero deck if they have only one Neos Alius on the field with Leeching the Light and Venus in hand.

Summon Venus
Summon three Shine Balls
Activate Leeching the Light target Neos Alius
(1600 + 1900) + 3(500 +1900) - 1900 = 8800 damage. 
Yeah no joke.

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