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Asia Plus Qualifier 14/10/2012

So I went down for the last qualifier with my team yesterday with for once a decent amount of bedrest and a nice steak at pepper lunch. Our whole team got to the location ahead of time so we spent a hour or two testing between ourselves and warming up for the tournament.

I got my playset of wind-up shark and rabbit before the tournament started in preparation for my wind-up deck which I'll be playing soon (along with half of Singapore) and our team only got one H-C Gandiva from our packs sadly. <_<

After watching a hilarious fun game between Junk Doppel and Photon Beat the tournament soon started and it was announced that since 12 teams entered 8 of them would play against each other to determine a top 8 bracket.

Unfortunately we were picked for the round of 12.

I was playing Trooper Agents
Sherwyn was playing Hero Beat
Keith was playing Dark World

Round 1: vs Skill Drain Beast Beat

Game 1: I started first with a Venus and Gantetsu play to stall my opponent and ended my turn since I had no traps or spells to set. He summoned a Photon Trasher to beat through my Venus but I countered him with an Honest. After a few turns of nothing happening but me beating him with Venus I used a Earth in my hand along with the Venus to make Black Rose Dragon and clear the field leaving only my Gantetsu remaining, then proceeded to summon Hyperion and attack with him for two turns to end the game.

Game 2: He summoned an Gladiator Beast Andal, set 5 cards, and ended his turn. I summoned a Cyber Dragon and earth and was about to attack to force out some backrow but I had a sudden thought that Horn of the Phantom Beast was back there and just decided to Soul Taker the Andal, set a card, and end my turn. He simply passed his turn back to me and then I activated my Trap Stun and made a Black Rose Dragon to clear his entire field then summoned Hyperion and attacked him for 4 turns for game.

Personal Record: O O
Team Record:O - O (Sherwyns match was unfinished since Keith and I had already won)

Round 2: vs Hero Beat

Game 1: I didn't draw anything useful against him and only had a Tragoedia to stall for a bit with a hand stuck of Shine Balls (:V) and Orange Light and simply died to the attacks of his Heroes in a few turns.

Game 2: We both started slowly with both of us setting monsters myself a snowman eater and over the next few turns just set spell and traps and ended. He eventually summoned a stratos and attacked into my snowman eater which destroyed it. On my turn I summoned a Earth and was going to make Catastor but he Super Polyed the Snowman Eater and his set monster a Bubbleman (which I thought was a Snowman Eater or something of the sort into an Absolute Zero. I passed my turn and on his turn he made a Shining and attacked with both of them. I let the Zero kill my Earth and Prisoned the Shining. At this point I only had 1 set card a trap stun and my opponent had 4 of them on my turn I used Soul Taker on his Zero then activated the Trap Stun and used Heavy Storm on his 4 set cards. He couldn't recover from the disadvantage and lost to my Hyperion.

Game 3: I opened without any agents but with Heavy Storm, Gellenduo, and Hyperion so I had an obvious play to do and just set the Gellenduo and ended my turn. He summoned a monster attacked into my Gellenduo and set two cards and ended his turn. I used Heavy Storm to destroy his set cards and tribute summoned Hyperion to apply pressure. He attempted to make a comeback by using Super Poly on my Hyperion but I used Call of the Haunted to revive it, summoned a Card Trooper to mill a fairy so Hyperion to destroy his other set card and then activated Leeching the Light attacking with all my monsters for the game.

Personal Record: X O O
Team Record: OOX (Sherwyn topdecking Miracle Fusion like a boss)

Round 3: vs Dark World

Game 1: I started first and opened with Venus into Gantetsu and ended my turn. He set a monster and a backrow and passed it over to me. I summoned a Rai-oh and attacked his set monster with Venus which ended up being a Sangan! My Rai-oh and Venus then kept attacking him for the win since he couldn't get anything started without a Dark World monster to use.

Game 2: He started strong with a Grapha and multiple set cards. When I attempted to try something I got hit with a Deck Devestation Virus and just simply lost since I couldn't stop Grapha (Fuck you Grapha :V).

Game 3: I opened with 2 Shine Balls, Kristya, a Call of the Haunted, Raigeki Break, and a Soul Drain and set a Shine Ball (attempting to make second turn Gantetsu by some miracle) set all three traps and ended my turn. On his turn he started with Dark World Dealings which I chained Soul Drain too discarding Kristya for Dealings and Drawing Rai-oh off it. Then when he normal summoned a Snoww I used my Call of the Haunted to revive Kristya and prevent him from Summoning Grapha. He couldn't stop my Monsters and I just Eventually beat him down with Rai-oh and Kristya backed by the Soul Drain for game.

Personal Record: O X O
Team Record: O X O (Sherwyn's Dark Hero ran into a top decked Kinetic Soldier lol.)

Round 4: vs Mermail Team Insane Tech Pohseng

Game 1: We both played a grindy game where we kept trading cards with one another when I summoned Hyperion to attack him with though. He made a Big Eye to steal it (lol) which I was able to stop with some Raigeki Break shenanigans. A topdecked Solemn Warning was able to win me the game as it prevented him from summoning his Deep Sea Diva and let me attack with Hyperion for the game.

Game 2: Maxx C let me gain advantage off his Abyssphere and let me draw into my second Maxx C which I used to get more advantage off him. While I didn't draw Hyperion I did make a Catastor and he couldn't stop it so it beat him for a few turns along with another Magical Android I made later (since I felt I was low on life) and just kept attacking with both of them for game.

Personal Record: O O
Team Record: O O O (Lamby of Team Insane Tech was playing Chaos Dragons and opened a Royal Decree against Sherwyn which promptly ate a side decked Twister from him lol.)

So Team Putra wins their Qualifier dafuq :V and I ended up going 4-0 which I really can't believe I did myself.

Good job to my team for how well they performed as well.

Thanks to Noobie for helping our team out here and there prepare for these qualifiers

Thanks for reading!

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