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Asia Plus Qualifier Report 6 October 2012

Entered my first Asia Plus qualifier not feeling that well because I ate too much for lunch. The store that was hosting the tournament is moving to a new location and since it is bigger hosted the tournament there.

As for some general background knowledge on the Asia Plus tournament for those of you who don't know it is a tournament where teams of 3 compete against one another to determine the best team in southeast asia. The main stipulation of these tournaments is that all three players must share one banlist. For example, since Monster Reborn is a limited card the entire team may only use one copy of it, each team may only play two copies of Solemn Warning since it is semi-limited, and each team may only use three copies of Mystical Space Typhoon since it is unlimited. Another restriction is that duel terminal cards from DT03 onwards are not allowed unless they were already reprinted in another set. 

My team made up of Sherwyn, Keith, and I entered the tournament as Team Putra.

Leader: Me
Player A: Sherwyn
Player B: Keith

I myself used Trooper Agents while my teammates Sherwyn and Keith used Hero Beat and Dark World  respectively.

There were 11 teams and it was a single elimination format so 6 teams had to fight it out first to determine a top 8. Unfortunately we were one of the 6 chosen.

Round 1: vs Lightsworn

Game 1: I drew a lot of backrow hate which was quite useless against him since he never set any traps and proceeded to lose to generic beatdown from his monsters.

Game 2:  I sided out most of my trap hate for generic monster removal such as soul taker and put in Maxx C which is normally quite useless but I never fully prepared for Lightsworn. I opened 2 Rai-Oh, 1 Earth, and 2 Shine Ball and thought I was doomed however I managed to control with Rai-oh for a while and pressure my opponent. For the finisher I used Soul Taker on his monster and then killed him with a field of Rai-oh and Venus.

Game 3: I controlled the game with an opening Venus into Gantetsu play and lost the Venus to a Photon Thrasher the following turn. I attacked with a Rai-Oh to kill the Thrasher on my turn and just ended. On his turn he unexpectedly summoned a Kycoo and used Creature Swap then ended his turn. With no available way to get past the stolen Gantetsu for now I simply waited until I got a Reborn which I used to make Catastor with a second Venus in my hand and kill the Gantetsu. I simply steamrolled him after that as he couldn't stop the Rai-Oh and Catastor with a hand full of Lumina.

Team Result: OO-

Top 8: vs Dark World

Game 1: He activated Dark World Dealings and I discarded Kristya while he discarded a Grapha. He then summoned a Grapha and ended his turn. I set two cards and ended my turn. He tried to Dark World Lightning one of my set cards and I chained the card he targeted, a call of the haunted, to revive the Kristya I discarded. He couldn't recover from that and died to Rai-Oh and Kristya beat.

Game 2: I sided in a lot of hate against Dark World but I none of it was useful since he started first and summoned a Grapha which I could not get rid of. I eventually ended up losing to beatdown from Grapha and Beiige.

Game 3: I set two cards and ended my turn. When he activated Dark World Dealings I chained Soul Drain to it negating the effect of the Dark World he discarded while I discarded a Kristya which I revived with Call of the Haunted at the end of his turn. He couldn't get rid of the Soul Drain and just died to my Kristya.

Team Result: OOX

Top 4: vs Agents

Game 1: Venus and Gantetsu to start protection followed by a heavy backrow for protection. He set up a backrow of his own but I was able to slowly push my way through it and then finish him with a Hyperion for the win.

Game 2: He set a monster and a backrow and ended his turn. I attacked into his set monster with a Card Trooper and it ended up being a Gellenduo. Which he tributed for a Kristya the following turn. I was able to deal with the Kristya eventually with a Soul Taker but by then it was too late and he finished me with Earth and Venus.

Game 3: I attempted doing the same Gellenduo stunt to him lol. However when I summoned my Kristya I ate a torrential. He had exactly three fairies in his grave after that and on his next turn he milled one fairy with Card Troopers effect and summoned a Kristya which killed me two turns later.

Team Result: XOX

So sadly we scrubbed in the top 4. Oh well it was a good run anyway at least. At least we pulled a Gagaga Gunman and a 3d foil from the packs we got for our entry fee.

I also got some Ultra Soul Takers from Sazabi too. (Thanks a lot if you read this)

Even though I didn't win I'm quite happy with my decks performance against the big three in this years Asia Plus (Hero, Mermail, and Dark World) and what I lost to was an Agent Mirror which shows that I need to be more prepared for the mirror match. Another thing that needs work is my hero matchup as I feel that it is my worst out of the big three. 

Oh well more testing is required I suppose and hopefully my team can win next weeks qualifier.

Thanks for reading!

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