Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beating Wind-Ups Part 1

So with all the Wind-Up insanity appearing all over Singapore this post I hope will be a helpful guide to helping stop Wind-Ups if you aren't already part of the crowd. If you already are well I hope this gives you some idea how to play the mirror match effectively.

The Key Player

If you didn't know by now the key to the Wind-Up deck is Wind-Up Shark


This one card which frankly shouldn't even be a Wind-Up because it can use its effect once per turn instead of once on the field lets the Wind-Up deck do the magic it does and summon 3-4 XYZs in a certain turn.

However there are few ways to stop this cards effect from going off and activating Magician's effect and letting them spam the field.

While there are few methods to stop this there are 2 ways to stop this card which I like to use.

The first is a card that is most commonly seen in Dark World


A card I put in my side deck frequently to fight against Laval, Machina Gadget, Mermail, and Wind-Up Mind Crush can stop Wind-Up Shark because the opponent is forced to reveal it before they summon it. Plus it is also useful for making the opponent discard the Wind-Ups they have searched with that annoying factory.

Second is a card I've been considering putting in my side deck but I don't have any Japanese copies of sadly is


An excellent card against not only Wind-Ups but Mermail and Dark World as well Debunk is a card that removes the Shark from the game permanently and won't let an annoying Rat later in the game revive the Shark later in the future.

While there are many other options to deal with Wind-Ups these are two that I have liked using recently just because of there all around use against many decks.

Thanks for reading I'll post Part 2 next week.

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