Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year! Also Sacreds are full of win.

Happy New Year from Singapore! I hope your 2012 has been fruitful and that you have a wonderful exciting new year.

I haven't been blogging much due to what I feel has been a stagnant period in the game with nothing interesting I feel like talking about. However recently thanks to a certain someone I fell in love with Sacreds.

I always had an interest in the archetype able to summon amazing boss monsters, multiple copies of their version of stratos, and being an aggressive deck. Only recently though have I decided to pick them up thanks to the added power Sacred Sombres gives to the theme.

Of course I probaly should be playing Verz since its Opheon is amazing and i heard searching for Forbidden Lance is good, but I despise Opheon with a passion since it annihilates my Agents and Heroes.

Of course there is another reason in which I have picked up Sacreds is that it has a good matchup against Wind-Ups and Heroes while being less prepared for than Verz. Since there are few Sacred running around it means there will be less cards in the side deck for them which I hope will increase my chances of winning.

Now lets take a look at my version of Sacreds.

The "Sacred" Putra

I have been liking a version that runs both Decree and Safe Zone in the main deck. While it has little defense in its trap line up it makes up for that with the three copies of Veiler. The main problem with the Sacred deck is that its easy to stop the monsters with a simple Bottomless or Warning. With two Decree and 3 Safe Zone its hard to remove a Sacred Pleaides on the field using Spell or Traps. 

Another reason I'm playing this way is that the format is slowly shifting into a grinding one where games can go on for much longer periods of time and there is less monster spam. This gives me time to set up and once I set up a Pleaides backed with Decree or Safe Zone its hard to lose by then.

The plays are nothing too complicated farm with Sheratan or Tenki and drop big boss monsters using Sacred Pollux and/or Sacred Gredi along with Sacred Kaust and when those bosses die summon more using Sacred Sombres.

Other than that theirs the random Fire Fist in the deck which you use to clear annoying monsters from the field when you have a useless Tenki sitting there.

Thanks for reading!!!

#FuckVerz  (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ

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