Saturday, 24 November 2012

11-17-2012 tournament report (I'm back)

Went down only to pass cards to friends but ended up playing in the tournament because I was too lazy to go home straight away.

Deck Used: Putra Agents

Round 1: vs Dark World

Game 1: I saw Card Destruction and Morphing Jar and still didn't die lol. He expended all his resources trying to kill me and failed so when I finally got my Hyperion I just simply beat him down over a few turns with it.

Game 2: Opponent sets 4 ends turn. I throw Heavy Storm at him. Proceed to win.

Current Record 1-0


Round 2 vs Skill Drain Macro Beat

Game 1: Attempted to rush him however I got stopped by his traps and died to Skill Drain, Macro, and etc.

Game 2: I opened all the backrow hate I sided (Trap Stuns and Night Beams) and no monsters. After much stalling with traps I proceeded to lose since I couldn't beat Macro and the Minuses from Sacred Omega.

Current Record 1-1


Round 3 vs Prophecy

Game 1: The game went back and forward for a while with neither of us getting what we needed and ended with an exchange of boss monsters. Sadly Priestess is Inferior to Master Hyperion. :D

Game 2: I open Rai-oh he has 3 Batel lol.

Current Record 2-1


Round 4 vs Wind-Ups

Game 1: I see Hand Loops and proceed to lose ;_;

Game 2: Rai-Oh + Venus + Gachi is too strong beating through everything

Game 3: He didn't have anything and Stalled with Traps while I attempted to beat him down. He later made a Zenmaines to buy time and I used a Cyber Dragon to make a Chimeratech with it and win the game. We later learned that you can't contact fusion with a Dimensional Fissure on the field. Whoops.

Current Record 3-1


Round 5 vs Mermail (Sazabi)

Game 1: Losing terribly and stalling with Gachi and Zenmaines to buy time. I topdeck a Hyperion and a Kristya the following turn which I summon by tributing the Gachi and Zenmaines and proceed to win by smashing with both of them.

Game 2: Where I mill a lot of shit with Card Trooper, Reborn Kristya, and go for game.

Current Record 4-1


Round 6 vs Rong Jie (I don't know what you played)

Game 1: He rolled a 7 with his two dice and I rolled a 4. I promptly surrendered to his superior dice rolling skills.

Current Record 4-2

Final Result 2nd place

Tournament ends at 10pm dice rolls for top 4 lol.

Oh well at least I got a Geargiganto X out of it.

Things are looking up in my life :D

Thanks for reading!!!

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