Sunday, 11 November 2012

top shop tourney report 11/11/2012

I didn't bring my extra deck today like a genius :D

So I borrowed some good stuff from friends

Deck Played: Putra Agents (With half of an extra) aka: Stall until you can YOLO Agents

Round 1: vs Hero Beat

Game 1: Both of us slowly used up resources and I was going to win the game but I realized I didn't have an Armory Arm and lost to him because I couldn't kill his Shining lol.

Game 2: I opened Venus + Gachi and sat on it using my backrow to slowly smash through whatever he summoned and won the game from there.

Game 3: I just smashed through him with a flurry of boss monsters and he died a terrible death :D

Round 2: vs Maldoche (Team Insane Tech's Weemin)

Game 1: I gained some advantage from a Torrential and slowly won from there forcing my way through his backrow.

Game 2:I summoned one Rai-Oh. He couldn't kill it. I won the game :D

Round 3: vs Offering Machina Gadget (Wen Liang)

Game 1: he had a Gearframe but no gadgets and I had Hyperion + Kristya but no agents so we sat on backrow and some weak monsters for a while. I got my agent first though and smashed him with Hyperion :D

Game 2: I gained some advantage by controlling with Rai-Oh but he destroyed and then reborned it to use against me. I set a Sangan and a Dimensional Prison which the Rai-Oh ran into later. Eventually the Sangan died and I used it to search Card Trooper which milled just the right amount of agents I needed and I proceeded to drop Hyperion + Kristya on his face to end the game.

Round 4: vs Keith Mail (of Team Putra)

Game 1: Forget what happened in this game but I remember losing to Moulin Glace ;_;

Game 2: I had a Venus + Gachi on the field which he didn't clear. As he set one card only I assumed it was AbyssSphere and payed 500 to summon another Shine Ball which I tributed along with Venus for Kristya and attacked. My Kristya was promptly banished by a prison ;_; I however managed to stall long enough with the Gachi that I was able to kill him later with Hyperion and Catastor.

Game 3: I was in a really really bad spot, however I had a Gantetsu on the field that was protecting me from defeat. He let me gain advantage from Maxx C though and on my turn I drew a Kristya with exactly 4 fairies in my grave (LOL) and just beat him down with Venus and Kristya from there.

Some conspiracy happened

and Keith got the top shop spot :D

along with Sherwyn as well :D

and I got my spot from a store at Ang Mo Kio as well :D

So all in all a successful day for me and my agents.

P.S. I later learned that my deck only had one Card Trooper in it, forgot to put the other one in lol.

Thanks for reading!!!

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