Friday, 18 January 2013

Asia Championship 2013 is almost here.

A bit early for this post I know but I'm quite excited for the event and since the OCG isn't receiving any new boosters we can expect that the current card pool is what will be allowed for Asia. Unlike last years meta which was a toss up between Inzektors and the surprise renegade Hanzo Hieratics this years meta is divided into two very simple categories.

The two categories are:

Verz and Not Verz

With Verz being the current dominant force in Singapore its either play Verz or play something that can beat Verz if you wish to win this years Asia Plus. However even though Verz is a dominant force and should make up a majority of the entrants in this years Asia you should also take note that there might not be as many Verz as there were Inzektors last year. The reasoning behind this is that Verz is expensive and the recent addition to the deck (Cercyon) is hard to find and expensive which will discourage people to play the deck.

If you have Verz good for you make a good build and practice and you should go far.

However if you're not playing Verz but haven't decided on a deck yet there are numerous options from you to decide from.

Here is a list on what you should bring if you're not playing Verz.

Hero Beat (Arrive/Normal)
Agent Angel (a bit crazy but a player named Ryo has been topping in japan with the deck using a variation that main decks 3 Forbidden Lance)
Mermail (because Genex Undine is a one card answer to Opheon)
Offering Gadgets (Exceed spam works well against Opheon)
Wind-Ups (Same reason as Offering Gadgets if it isn't hit by the ban list)
Ninja Chaos (Because Exceeds can kill the Opheon again)
Sacred (Pleaides and Omega are both excellent cards to use against the Verz)
Fire Fist (Easy destruction of Opheon and the ability to gain advantage quickly (my personal belief for the second place majority in Asia)

Of course there are other options that will prove effective (Skill Drain Beat, Gravekeeper, Infernity, etc.) however the following list is what I feel are the most effective options if you really want to stand a chance at winning the tournament or at the very least placing high.

While everything in this list is quite standard and can be easily prepared for there is one thing as of now that is a bit sketchy and thats Fire Fist. Since many people are still experimenting with new builds with the release of the cards from VE08 there is no standardized decklist for Fire Fist but there will surely be one by the time Asia comes around.

Expect more follow up posts as Asia nears.

Also Sacred testing is going well but I need more experience before I can say anything.

Thanks for reading! :D :D


  1. wait what...
    "Of course there are other options that will prove effective (Skill Drain Beat, Gravekeeper, Infernity, etc.) "

    Hmmm implying something?

  2. My Army shall make you understand what you will face for not mentioning me!!!-Grapha