Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The obligatory late tournament report that no one cares about but im writing because im slightly drunk and have nothing better to do.

So I went for a free ranking tournament on the 12th because I want seeding points and because I didn't feel like paying 8 dollars for prizes I wasn't interested for at locals.

Woke up early that day so that I could make it on time and still nearly made it late because I was too lazy to get off my bed since it was so soft. Luckily the fact that I was too lazy to cook lunch for people motivated me enough to make me flee my home and head for the card shop.

16 people entered from what I remember and it was a Single Elimination tournament

Deck Played:Sacreds

Round 1 vs Avenging Knight aka Vishal aka Mr. BlackFeather4Life (surprisingly playing chaos dragon)

Game 1: Pleadies too OP bouncing set Rykos all day long. No milling = dragons dying in fire.

Game 2: Never summoned Pleaides thus no OP bouncing shit thus I die in fire.

Game 3: I summoned Pleadies = I win :D

Round 2 vs JunCai (Offering Gadgets)

Game 1: Sacred Omega = fuck you traps and recyling (save the environment :D) with M7 and summoning more big monsters is fun.

Game 2: A case of dejavu however this time he had a torrential and I couldn't summon my Omega and died ;_; ;_; ;_;

Game 3: I remember winning by sacking (like I always do :P) an MST which let me attack with Rai-Oh and M7 for the win.

Round 3 vs Mango aka Mr guy who kicks my ass with troll decks aka The person I don't ever want to play against ;_; (Playing a not troll deck in Wind-Ups (which is the biggest troll of all).

Game 1: Activate 2 Wind-Up factories and summon Shark. While I sat there with my jaw dropped he plussed two. I tried to fight back with a lone Pleadies but i was a genius and forgot that Wind-Up Warrior existed and died :D

Game 2: He set a lot of cards on his first turn. I used Heavy Storm on him and got + 2. Then I smashed him with random monsters while he was busy distracted with other stuff and we moved on to game 3.

Game 3: Heavy Storm again :D and Gozen Match put in work too :D

Round 4 vs WeeMin aka Mr Taxi (Fire Fist with Gene Warped Werewolf because Taxi Drivers don't get paid enough to afford Vorse Raider)

Game 1: I summon Pleaides and set Safe Zone and some other random card and ended my turn. He summoned Bear which he searched using Tenki and tried to destroy my Pleaides. I think you can guess the out come :D.

Game 2: I opened 2 Tenki and a Fire Fist Bear and couldn't do shit <_< also my mst skills failed and I hit the wrong card.


So I got second place woohoo \O/

Seeding Points for Asia \O/

Also saw Bixuan Mermail kicking ass on the same day \O/

Also saw Colin having one of the most entertaining games in a while because the banter was so good.

More posts in the future coming if I'm not too lazy :D.

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