Monday, 17 September 2012

I suck at making deck ideas....

So back to the Athena thing yesterday I recently remembered some combo which used 3 Athena and 1 Darklord Superbia to deal massive amounts of burn damage (7200 to be exact) which should kill anyone who has even used Venus's effect to make a Gantetsu. Plus you haven't attacked yet when this combo finishes and will have a full field of monsters to go for game.

Here are the steps:

Requirements: 1 Darklord Superbia, 3 Athena, and any other fairy in the graveyard also some form of revival method for Superbia.

Opponent is at 8000 life

1) Summon Superbia from the grave
2) Superbias effect summons Athena 1 from the grave
3) Athena 1 effect tribute Superbia and then summon the same Superbia.
4) Superbias effect summons Athena 2. (Athena 1 burns the opponent 1200 because you summoned Superbia and Athena 2. Opponents life is at 6800)
5) Athena 2 effect tribute Superbia summon Superbia again.
6) Superbia summons Athena 3. (Opponent loses 1200 first from the summoning of Superbia and then another 1200 from the summoning of Athena 3 via the effects of Athena 1 and 2. Opponents life is at 4400)
7) Athena 3 effect tribute Superbia summon Superbia for the final time.
8) Superbia summons any fairy from the grave (Opponent now loses 1800 life points from the summoning of Superbia and another 1800 from the special summoning of the other fairy via the effects of all 3 Athenas. Opponents life is now at 800.)

End result 1 Superbia, 3 Athena, and 1 other fairy on your field with your opponent at 800 lifepoints.

Of course there are many other combos you could pull off with Superbia this is just my favorite one however my current problem is summoning the Superbia and getting all the cards in my grave for it easily.

Any ideas?

The answers most likely obvious but I suck at this stuff :V


  1. how about play arma knight and 3 grepher to dump 5 darks including superbia and zerato. then summon dark creator to pull superbia and zerato. use zerato effect to raigeki and attack for exactly 8000~