Monday, 10 September 2012

Prophecy aka the deck with a crap ton of search power.


"Spellbook of Life"

Prophecy is a Spellcaster archetype which emphasizes on its spell cards known as spellbooks and wins with the control and advantage created by them. I'm sure by now most of you know the basic cards of the archetype as they seem to be popular from what I have faced on Dueling Network but this post is a look into some of the more cool tricks I believe the deck can do.

Hanged Man of Prophecy


When this card is sent to the graveyard add one level 3 Prophecy monster to your hand.

A card that has been released in Abyss Rising, Hanged Man of Prophecy gives the archetype some good search power for one of its key monsters Temperance of Prophecy. Note the card says sent to the graveyard only it never says from field to grave so this means you could play some mill based oriented build to send prophecy monsters to your grave and doing shenanigans with them. What I prefer though is comboing this card with Wonder Wand and getting a +1 off the effect of Hanged Man of Prophecy.

Another one of my favorite tricks is using Strength of Prophecy to keep recycling my Prophecy cards and slowly gain attack to apply pressure to my opponent. While this may seem basic this can be further taken advantage of using Summoner Monk which can allow you to discard those currently useless Spellbooks to summon a monster from your deck the only real choice being Strength for now and using Strength to recycle the Spellbook than making an exceed to apply pressure with.

My current main problem with the deck though is that it lacks good monsters to apply pressure with aside from Strength of Prophecy and the High Priestess of Prophecy which is extremely troublesome to summon unless you use Temperance of Prophecy. However I feel like agents this problem can be solved with a mill and revival engine. Running cards such as Lyla and Card Trooper the deck could mill cards and summon them back with Call of the Haunted and Spellbook of Life. 

In conclusion for now Spellbooks have the ability to search extremely well but are not part of the meta as of now due to their lack of power. The deck doesn't have the first turn Laggia, Archlord Kristya, or Magician + Shark jank that allows it to instantly win the game or make the game an impossible scenario for your opponent to recover from. However I believe with more power some of the tricks I have listed above could prove to be useful in the Prophecy deck in the future.

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